The Leaders Guide to Better Meetings

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Too many meetings? You’re not alone. Hybrid working may have become our preferred way of working. But the research reflects a disconnect in how various organisational levels work, impacting culture, performance, and productivity.

Companies have equipped their employees with the technology to work remotely. However, given typical online interactions focus on the day-to-day and tactical, they now need to focus on intellectual and social needs. For leaders, the challenge is to balance collaboration and focus time while exploring new processes and habits to help their teams thrive.

Developed from conversations, The Leaders Guide to Better Meetings uses the Hargraves Question Canvas Methodology to capture the essence of the problem. Using the question canvas, you’ll learn to ask open questions to ensure every voice is heard.

With research, tools and tips for facilitating online and in-person, it’s your DIY guide to help anyone – particularly senior and team leaders – manage collaboration time and make team meetings and workshops more creative and productive.

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