Employee Recognition

Do you people feel their ideas are valued?

Embed a culture that recognises the people who make a difference in your organisation - whatever their job, role or contribution.

As organisations struggle to attract and retain staff, recognising your employees in a meaningful way is critical. Capturing and sharing their stories of success boosts confidence and improves culture and engagement. And it promotes your organisation as a great place to work.

The Hargraves recognition & awards process is uniquely powerful, focusing on employee recognition, your people and their strengths. 

How? By capturing and analysing the stories of change, improvement and innovation across your team, division or organisation. As your people tell their stories, they analyse their mindset to explore the beliefs, perspectives, behaviours and actions they used to create change. And discover their unique strengths and attributes that make great ideas happen. Importantly, recognising these individuals as candidates for a Hargraves Award builds confidence, engagement and pride in their work. 

For your organisation, the value of capturing these unique stories of how your people saw an opportunity for improvement and developed the idea is incredible. These stories contain valuable lessons about how and where innovation and change are happening in your workplace. In addition, these real-life insights can help your organisation address barriers and strengthen enablers to create real momentum and a culture of innovation and transformation.

Make your organisation’s success visible, inside and out.

Celebrate your people and their strengths and demonstrate that ideas are valued.

As an industry-wide framework, Hargraves Innovator Awards are transportable and prestigious for your employees and your organisation.

Their value comes through capturing and analysing the stories of innovation and improvement. With credibility maintained through quality control and external innovation experts assessing stories against our innovation mindset framework and criteria drawn from formal DeakinCo. credentials.

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Why is employee recognition important?

Recognition is essential to building an innovation culture for your team and organisation. When you visibly demonstrate to employees that you see and acknowledge their efforts, they feel appreciated and continue to strive to improve.

When your organisation is seen to have a thriving, innovative culture, you’ll attract and retain people who are engaged and eager to make a difference.

This is an opportunity for us to showcase what our people have done at a greater level. Anyone who has been innovative has an opportunity to get some credentials towards a formal qualification in innovation.

Sydney Trains

I was delighted to receive a Hargraves Innovator Ward recently. Apart from the obvious benefits in differentiating myself in the marketplace, the recognition within the bank made me very proud and demonstrated the opportunities we have as bankers to make a difference to our customers.

Commonwealth Bank

This award has really impacted the team in so many positive ways and has allowed us all time to reflect on what we actually did and feel rightfully proud. Thank you for your time on the phone and your excellent articulation of this project.

Roads & Maritime Services

I was delighted to receive this award in front of my peers, as it is not just a recognition of what I have achieved but a reflection on my team and the support I have received from Sydney Trains in pursuing these goals.

Sydney Trains

Hargraves Institute has taken our Project on a journey and shown how the assessment of individuals and the work completed by them can be greatly enhanced by having conversations and insights from professional such as yourselves. The Recognition and Awards, outstanding, powerful and satisfying.


Embed a culture of recognition

Make employee recognition and the Hargraves Innovator Awards part of your next change program or project. Or we can build a customised program (including materials, awards, and compilation and analysis of stories) to identify your change makers and innovation challenges.

For large organisations, ask us about assessor training for in-house delivery under licence.

HI - community innovator recognition sydney trains
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