The Hargraves Innovator Awards Recognising people who make a difference at work

Developed in collaboration with leading organisations, the Hargraves Innovator Awards are uniquely powerful, celebrating your people and their strengths, whatever their job, role or contribution to innovation and improvement.

Do you struggle to identify where innovation is happening in your organisation?
Do you understand your corporate and individual innovation strengths?
Does your organisation attract innovative employees?
Have you ever implemented a great idea that flew under the radar?


Why is employee recognition important?

Recognition is essential to building a culture of innovation. When you visibly demonstrate to employees that you see and acknowledge their efforts, not only will they feel appreciated, but they’ll continue to strive to improve.

Where organisations fall down is that often innovation is happening, but leaders struggle to pinpoint when, where, who and how. This is where the Hargraves Innovator Awards can help.

Unlike other innovation awards, the Hargraves Innovator Awards focus on people and their strengths.

Every innovator, no matter their role, can receive an Award for implementing an idea that adds value. As innovators reflect on their story, organisations capture the real-life examples of individual and team success, highlighting the internal enablers and barriers to change, and their corporate innovation capability.

Recognising employees who contribute to innovation builds engagement and employee experience, and demonstrates that your workplace values an innovation mindset.

As an industry-wide framework, the recognition is transportable and prestigious for both your employees and your organisation. Awards are credible because external innovation experts assess them against an innovation mindset framework and criteria drawn from formal DeakinCo. credentials.

By nurturing innovation mindset and being seen as an innovative company, internally and externally, you’ll attract and retain people who want to make a difference in your organisation.

“This is an opportunity for us to showcase what our people have done at a greater level. Anyone who has been innovative has an opportunity to get some credentials towards a formal qualification in innovation.”

– Sydney Trains

“This award has really impacted the team in so many positive ways and has allowed us all time to reflect on what we actually did and feel rightfully proud. Thank you for your time on the phone and your excellent articulation of this project.”

– Roads & Maritime Services

“I was delighted to receive this award in front of my peers, as it is not just a recognition of what I have achieved but a reflection on my team and the support I have received from Sydney Trains in pursuing these goals.”

– Sydney Trains


Hargraves Innovator Awards are good for your organisation because they:


A Hargraves Innovator Award drives employee experience. Receiving an award:

Get in touch to find out why leading organisations are embracing recognition!

You can deliver in-house, or we can manage the process for you via phone and online collaborations tools

Delivery by Hargraves (Phone/Online)

Make an impact with a cluster of 20 Awards including phone/skype interviews, story accreditation, certificates and digital badges.


Run your own in-house Hargraves Awards program including licence, quality assurance, IP, certificates and digital badges.

Optional Extras

Depending on your requirements, we can offer customised materials; compilation and analysis of all your stories to help identify innovation enablers and challenges; and assessor training and coaching for in-house delivery.

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