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Equipping leaders and teams with a People-First approach. 

Hargraves Team Coaching is a powerful and effective way to elevate performance and develop teaming capabilities within the flow of work.

As your coach, we don’t fix your problems; instead, we guide you and equip you with tools, skills, and processes to identify and address your challenges, embedding these skills in your team for both current and future success.

Our purpose is to empower teams through a People-First approach. Collaboratively designing work practices that suit your unique needs and making it the greatest opportunity for immediate improvement.

Since 2006, we’ve helped thousands of leaders and countless teams collaborate and innovate.

Hargraves Coaching offers the benefit of our experience, embedding tools, techniques, and habits for long-term results and a sustained approach. Our experts will equip you with proven solutions developed in collaboration with leading organisations such as Roche, CSR, the Department of Health, AGL, Coca-Cola, Sydney Trains, and more.

Great to take a step back from the day-to-day and think more strategically about collaboration.


A number of different approaches highlighted for me a common theme of culture being at the heart of an innovative company. This, plus practical approach, provide a starting point for the journey.


A crystal ball moment where what we suspected about our team was confirmed. Positives and negatives. We recommend this exercise to any team.

Meat & Livestock Australia

… allowed us to understand ourselves and the organisation better and gave us a sense of direction for our next steps to start innovating more.

Geoscience Australia

Allan’s straight-forward hard-hitting advice delivered at the Melbourne Business Awards was not only new but motivating….it’s a shame I had not heard you years ago.

Freudenberg Filtration Technologies

Sharing ideas and experiences to help each other navigate the new way of working, refreshing and beneficial to all.

Transport for NSW

Thank you for empowering me to think differently. I am walking away with the tools I need to become a more collaborative leader.


We’ll customise your program based on the following modules, including 12 months of coaching, tools and resources.

Hargraves-led and fully facilitated

(Options include: 1-day, 1/2-day, in-person, online)
(1 session per month for 12 months)

Leader-led with full support including monthly coaching, tools and resources

Benefits for your organisation

Our purpose is to empower your managers to help their teams thrive; to connect and collaborate intentionally while appreciating it is not always easy for everyone to overcome the challenges of modern working.

This unique and cost-effective offering provides an engaging learning experience that will reset how your people think, learn and work.

Benefits for Team Leaders and Managers

This program will help you develop skills and utilise tools to lead a diverse, thriving team and deliver outcomes.

Program Details:

Designed for: team leaders and managers responsible for teams of between 6 and 30 members.

Program Cost: $9,750. Includes team leader coaching for 12 months, tools and materials for up to 12 people and GST. (For larger teams, additional fees apply.)

To arrange a no-obligation coaching call, please provide some details below.

Allan Ryan, Hargraves innovation coach

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting the same results.

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