We’re Hargraves Institute

We’re innovation experts, with a difference.

That difference is ‘community’, and the understanding that collaboration is key to innovation, and innovation is essential to growth.

For over 15 years, our ‘People First’ Innovation and Tools approach has helped leaders and teams of all shapes and sizes remain relevant and thrive in a rapidly changing world.

Why are some teams and organisations more successful?​

Is it their people or teams? Their leaders or leadership? Their resources or tools?

Developed through collaboration with leading organisations, our ‘People First’ approach includes proven tools, knowledge and methods to help leaders, teams and organisations improve performance and embed an innovation mindset.

Founded in 2006 by leading organisations, our services encompass innovation strategy to help organisations excel; innovation coaching to empower leaders; collaboration to build thriving teams, and employee recognition to recognise people who make a difference at work. 

Because when you build innovation into the DNA of a company, it lasts. It just becomes part of what you do.


Research shows that over 70% of innovation comes from collaboration (and imitation), while less than 20% comes from entirely new ideas.

Your innovation journey starts here

Innovation & You

Are you looking for free tools and insights from innovation experts? Trying to find some fresh ideas and inspiration help you innovate? Curious, or new to innovation, and not sure where to start?

Innovation & Your Team

Do you want to be a better leader, and lead a better team? Are you looking for tools and ideas to help your team thrive, engage and collaborate? Do you need to be part of a high-performing team?

Innovation & Your Organisation

Are you responsible for innovation, strategy, or people? Are you trying to embed a culture of innovation and collaboration into your corporate DNA?

Collaboration is key to innovation

Digital Collaboration​

Many organisations have embraced social collaboration tools for their potential to solve business problems and deliver innovative ways of working. So why is seamless cross-organisational collaboration so rare?

Working Collaboratively

Research tells us that to be fast and innovative, teams work best — for the organisation and for the individual. How can you get the best from your team and develop your own career at the same time?

Diversity & Inclusion

The evidence is clear. Diversity and inclusion are critical for a healthy society, economy and workplace. But we can only succeed by removing invisible barriers, changing outdated mindsets and creating a workplace where everyone can belong.​


The Hargraves Innovator Awards

Recognising people who make a difference at work and celebrate their strengths through this uniquely powerful program.

Hargraves Institute is Australia’s leading community of practice for collaboration and innovation.

From innovation strategy, mindset, leadership and collaboration, to culture, diversity, customer and employee experience.
We’ve seen it all and can share in-depth knowledge – for you, your team and your organisation.

“Used the magic formula of getting those with experience to share their experience in a structured and well-paced environment.”

– Telstra

“A fantastic interactive day learnt some great new techniques for improving team performance and innovation.”

– Catholic Healthcare

‘The next generation partnership’. ‘Unexpectedly productive.”

– Workplace from Facebook

Community, collaboration & innovation since 2006.

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