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Making change happen, since 2006

We're innovation experts, with a difference​. That difference is 'community' and the understanding that collaboration is key to innovation, and innovation is essential to growth.

In 2006, Hargraves started with a conversation. Today, we’re Australia’s first innovation consultancy founded on community and collaboration — a global community including leaders, partners and experts.

Our unique approach focuses on people-first – people, process, ideas and collaboration – to build relationships and strengthen culture (learning and working together). With ideas-first to improve strategy execution (making change happen). 

With extensive experience backed by a proven approach, our experts will empower you with the tools and knowledge you need to succeed – developing confident leaders, thriving teams, and high-performing organisations.

Or, to kick-start your team’s transformation, explore our range of downloadable tools and DIY resources.

What people say about Hargraves

Awesome feedback from everyone. They are all saying it’s our best Connect event yet! Thank you [Allan] for your great presentation. No risk of anyone falling asleep with all that audience participation and learning.


In-house Networking Event

This was one of the most valuable training sessions I’ve ever done. Very clear concepts, well expressed and extremely applicable in both my personal and professional life. I feel like my eyes have been opened (and mind blown at times).

Public Sector


[The Collaborative Circle] was a truly valuable opportunity to connect with and learn from others facing the same challenges, regardless of industry and organisation size and dynamic.


Collaborative Circle

Tess was a wonderful facilitator. Warm and inclusive yet able to challenge us and push us to new ways of thinking. She was an excellent listener, drew out the quieter members of the group and created a safe space for people to share.

Public Sector


Allan was the keynote speaker at our innovation roadshow events. He distilled key messages down to simple, engaging bites that the staff could immediately relate to, demystifying the process of innovation. 



A Collaborative Circle provides an incredible depth of insights, contacts and ideas that can be taken away and used immediately, all for a small investment of a few hours. Very rich and meaningful.


Collaborative Circle

Thank you to Tess for an excellent program on innovation mindset. I found the course material succinct, it included some helpful tools and excellent references to books, blogs etc and it was great to learn from other participants. Changing my mindset to ask ‘Yes And’, instead of ‘Yes But’ is now a habit thanks to the program.

Horticulture Brand Management Australia

Innovation Mindset (Online Program)

Confidence doesn’t come from results; confidence comes from training and a mindset that leads to results.

The Confident Team Leader

Every leader needs a high-performing team to deliver successful outcomes. But motivating and empowering teams to work collaboratively and deliver results doesn’t always come naturally.

This toolkit includes tools and techniques for a ‘People-First’ Approach. Develop your leadership skills as you strengthen team bonds, nurture innovation and ideas and boost team performance.

With engaging processes to build practical actions and outcomes.

Community, collaboration and innovation – it’s in our DNA

Just a few of our Hargraves members, clients and alumni.

Siemens, Westpac, Boeing, Mars, Jacobs, Sanitarium, Australia Post, Telstra Customer Sales & Service, Bank of Queensland, Qantas, NRMA Motoring & Services, Meat and Livestock Australia, ResMed, Coca-Cola Amatil (Aust), Griffith Hack, Schweppes Australia, Nestlé Oceania, Winc, BlueScope Steel, Cochlear, AGL Energy, CHEP Asia-Pacific, CSIRO Future Industries Sector, Sydney Water, DuluxGroup, George Weston Technologies, Linfox Australia, Roche Products, Sydney Trains, Transport for NSW, Atlassian, Australian Red Cross

Every day, leaders and teams face new and different challenges.

Sometimes, you need answers – fast. At Hargraves, we have the people, know-how and expertise you need to address that tricky problem.

But at other times, it’s about a more strategic approach to embed innovation and collaboration habits and behaviours into your every day. So, we’ll equip you and your team with proven tools and techniques to drive long-term growth and transformation, nurture better collaboration, or create diverse, thriving teams. 

Or perhaps you’d prefer a DIY approach? First, explore our free downloadable tools. Then, discover products developed in partnership with experts such as Ricky Nowak, CCS and Designing Collaboration. By combining our expertise, these DIY products will help you navigate better conversations, transform your team and build great digital habits.

Because when you build innovation into the DNA of a company, it lasts.
It just becomes part of what you do.

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