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Community, collaboration and innovation, since 2006.

Inspired by the understanding that great insights often come from people working in different sectors or industries, our diverse community includes leaders and teams spanning various roles, sectors and industries. With partners and experts who collaborate and share experiences.

With a long history of collaboration and learning, we understand what works and what doesn’t. Different ideas, systems and techniques. Emerging issues, trends and topics. We call it ‘collective wisdom’ – knowledge and learning shared through trusted conversations and connections.

So join us and reap the benefits. Because we’re passionate about equipping you with the tools and knowledge you need to make change happen.

HI community

Our Commitment

  • Sharing ideas and knowledge.
  • Strengthening leaders’ understanding of the issues facing their teams and people
  • Building the capabilities of individuals to sustain a focus on innovation and collaborative working across your team and organisation.
  • Understanding and promoting best practices and techniques for shared success.

For you, your team and your organisation

  • A non-competitive approach and safe environment to inspire innovation and foster collaboration.
  • Free downloadable tools, independent research and insights, and exclusive benefits.

Or ask us about coaching, training, and facilitation to empower individuals and teams, unleash their full potential and drive meaningful transformation .

The Hargraves ‘glue’ that connects its members is also a wealth of knowledge and capability. If Hargraves doesn’t have the answer, they can connect you with someone that does.

Our Community: Membership Levels

Join us as an Explorer to discover new ideas, novel tools and our ‘People-First’ approach. And if you’re eligible for VIP membership, we’ll send you relevant information. For any membership enquiries, please contact Leisl Kimber, Member Services.


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Just browsing? Explore ideas, tools and resources via our free Explorer (DIY) membership level.

VIP Member

(Via a Hargraves Team Coaching Program)

Empowering leaders and teams; supporting collaboration and learning across organisations.


(Past subscribing VIP members)

Stay in touch for ongoing collaboration and VIP benefits.

  • Basic online membership level.
  • Self-managed (DIY) approach. 
  • Free to join, no commitment.
  • Explorer access is only available with an active newsletter subscription.
  • Included with Hargraves Team Coaching or equivalent customised solutions.
  • VIP benefits, no ongoing commitment post-program.
  • VIP membership is accessed via an active newsletter subscription and your company email address.
  • Free and exclusive to past VIP members (at Hargraves discretion).
  • Alumni membership, including VIP benefits, is accessed via an active newsletter subscription.
  • Access exclusive tools and resources and Explorer website page.
  • 10% discount on paid products and events.
  • Exclusive downloadable tools, insights and special offers.
  • VIP member website page.
  • Access to confidential tools and Question Canvases.
  • Collaborate and connect via the Hargraves LinkedIn Group.
  • Priority registration and 30% VIP discount on paid products and events.
  • Access exclusive tools and resources.
  • Alumni website page.
  • Priority registration (at Hargraves discretion).
  • Collaborate and connect via the Hargraves LinkedIn Group.
  • Priority registration and 30% VIP discount on paid products and events.

Our Community: Terms and Conditions

  1. We maintain discretion to manage participation from competing organisations and ensure VIP members and Alumni receive priority.
  2. Explorer and Alumni membership is at Hargraves’ discretion. We reserve the right to refuse or cancel membership, access or benefits at any time. 
  3. VIP rates are available to any VIP member or Alumni when registering via their corporate email address.
  4. Benefits are accessed via a newsletter subscription. Subscribers who are inactive for an extended period may be removed.
  5. We welcome consultants in competing spaces (innovation, collaboration, leadership, coaching, etc). However, benefits and access may be limited.

See also: The Hargraves Charter | Privacy and Email Policies

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