Our difference is community

After almost 20 years and thousands of conversations and collaborative events, we’ve built a thriving community of practice focussed on helping individuals and leaders succeed through collaboration and innovation.

We’re an open, collaborative community sharing insights and experience – for you, your team and your organisation.

"Through being exposed to the Hargraves community, our people have learnt how they can do things better."

Members engage and participate with:

  • An enthusiasm to share ideas and experience in innovation and collaboration
  • A willingness to connect with peers and build direct relationships
  • An understanding that great insights often come from people working in completely different sectors or industries
  • A non-competitive approach in a safe environment to inspire innovation and foster collaboration.

 As a community, we know who’s tried what, what’s worked, what hasn’t. Different ideas, systems and techniques. Emerging issues, trends and topics.

We call it ‘collective wisdom’ - knowledge and learning shared through trusted conversations and connections.

Join our innovation community

As an open, collaborative community of practice, anyone can benefit from the collective wisdom of our community, including free tools, collaborative events, and shared insights.

  • 3 levels of membership
  • Connect with a network of peers spanning diverse roles, sectors and industries.
  • A trusted, established, environment; a genuine willingness to collaborate and build direct relationships.
  • Proven programs, tools and training designed though collaboration to address current and emerging issues.
  • The latest thinking from experts willing to share expertise.

Our 3 membership levels


Free, on-line membership designed to help individuals succeed in their career.

Includes free tools, insights and updates.


Designed to help leaders build healthy teams through collaboration and innovation, and support individuals through innovation mindset, tools and training.

Paid membership via our Innovation Coaching Program or a Custom Program or Project.

Includes membership benefits, priority registration, VIP discounts, coaching, training, and free tools, insights and updates


Free membership for past VIP members.

Lifetime benefits, collaboration and networking for past VIP members moving onwards and upwards.

Includes VIP discounts, priority registration, free tools, insights and updates

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