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Teams are built on the assumption that given the tools and opportunity, people will collaborate successfully because we are social beings.

But is it that easy?

When working in teams, some people will often feel they are doing all the work. Some feel underutilised; others will say that teamwork takes time or they have little to gain. Yet all the research tells us that to be fast and innovative, teams (and teamwork) work best — for both the organisation and the individual.

In our experience, collaboration thrives on two key attributes – confidence and connectedness. If everyone in your team feels confident about their place and purpose and understands how to connect with others – face-to-face or online – collaboration will be more successful.

As technology enables us to work collaboratively in different ways, understanding the attributes and behaviours that drive collaboration has never been more critical.

The strength of the team is each member. The strength of each member is the team.

How can we work more collaboratively?

Hargraves Collaboration Assessment Tool

Collaboration Assessment

How collaboration-ready are you?

Our Collaboration Assessment Tool includes 6 simple questions to help you understand how you really feel about collaborative working and identify areas to improve.

Sharing the secrets of successful transformation

Discover the secrets of successful collaboration and transformation

Why is it important to build confidence and connectedness, and where do you start?

In this Whitepaper, we explore where confidence and connectedness come from, along with a process to build relationships and healthy collaboration, whether your team is remote, hybrid or back together. 

Sharing the Secrets of Successful Transformation
People working collaboratively

Healthy Collaboration for High-Performing Teams

Today, there’s an increased awareness that nearly everyone is part of one or more teams. And modern teams are different – more diverse, dispersed, digital, and dynamic. Collaboration is essential. 

This workshop explores healthy collaboration and why it’s essential. Using powerful tools, including our Collaboration Assessment Model and Deep-Dive Team Collaboration Canvas, your team will learn how to agree on priorities, actions and accountability while nurturing habits and behaviours for working collaboratively in and across teams.

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