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The strength of the team is each member. The strength of each member is the team.”
– Phil Jackson


Teams are built on the assumption that given the tools and opportunity people will collaborate successfully because we are social beings. But is it that easy?

In many teams, some people feel that they are doing all the work, while others feel that they are underutilised; some people will tell you that teamwork takes time, or they have more to lose than gain from collaboration.

Yet all the research tells us that to be fast and innovative, teams work best — for both the organisation and the individual.

How can you get the best from your team and develop your own career at the same time?

At Hargraves, we’ve found that healthy collaboration starts with high levels of individual confidence and connectedness.

Allan Ryan facilitating a team innovation health check

Build confidence and connectedness to work collaboratively

Step 1. A free Collaboration Assessment Tool (for individuals)

Answer 6 simple questions to determine how you really feel about collaboration.

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Step 2. Sharing the Secrets of Successful Transformation (white paper)

This white paper outlines a simple process to build healthy collaboration at work, for both face-to-face and remote teams. It also includes a more detailed version of our Collaboration Assessment Tool to uncover and address the barriers to team collaboration.

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Step 3. The Collaboration Sweet Spot (ebook)

Transition yourself, your team and your organisation into the healthy collaboration zone, the ‘sweet spot’. Download our ebook for tips and tools to build thriving teams, including:

  1. What you need to do to better contribute to collaborative outcomes.

  2. How to improve your team collaboration.

  3. Strategies for the whole organisation to break down silos and achieve better outcomes through collaboration.

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Build team working capability using Digital Team Builder for remote and blended teams.

Build thriving teams with Collaborizza©,  Workshop in a Box.

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