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Innovation Skillset

Learn new skills and tools to help you innovate, develop ideas and pitch successfully

Innovation Mindset

Develop your innovation confidence and potential for career success

Facilitation Skills

Accelerate outcomes through internal facilitation using existing tools to reduce time and cost.

Healthy Collaboration for High-performing Teams

Develop better habits to boost team performance

Digital Leadership Skills

Discover actions and tools to lead high-performing remote and hybrid teams

Women @ Work

Learn how to create opportunities and pathways for yourself and others.

It’s about understanding the different strengths we all bring to the table and using those strengths to make your organisation a better place to work.”

Healthy collaboration for high-performing teams

Today, there’s an increased awareness that nearly everyone is part of one or more teams. And modern teams are different – more diverse, dispersed, digital, and dynamic. As organisations and technology structure themselves around teams, every leader’s goal is to lead a high-performing team. And, every team member needs to know they belong, feel safe, and their voice is heard. Healthy collaboration is essential, but it’s often not that easy.

In our experience, collaboration thrives on 2 key attributes ― ’confidence’ and ‘connectedness’. If everyone in the team feels confident about their place and purpose and knows how to connect with others, collaboration will thrive.

In this workshop, we’ll explore healthy collaboration, why it’s essential, and how to nurture it for engagement, productivity and well-being.


  • Discover practical tools and techniques, including our Collaboration Framework, Assessment Tool and Question Canvas.
  • Explore how healthy collaboration benefits everyone individually and the team as a whole.
  • Safely build stronger team relationships, mutual respect and team trust.
  • Leave with practical, re-usable tools for evaluating new priorities, actions and accountability.

Ideal for project teams, work teams, new teams, leadership teams, etc.

  • In-person, 12 participants for a 1/2-day Collaboration Workshop.
  • In-person with Collaborizza, 12 participants for 1-day workshop, including facilitated Collaborizza.
  • Online, 8 to 12 participants for a 3-hour interactive workshop, including digital tools. 

(Numbers are approximate.)

Innovation Skillset: Equip yourself with the tools and skills to innovate

Your people are your organisation’s greatest asset and those who understand innovation principles, tools and methods – and how to use them – even more so. However, while most organisations prioritise innovation, many individuals are unaware of the key drivers. Therefore, they lack the confidence to innovate. However, we know innovation is essential for effective collaboration and high-performing teams. Consequently, it’s critical to your career and success.

Discover innovation as a different, more enjoyable way of working. 

Through our research, we’ve found that innovation begins with the individual and their ability to ‘see’, ‘think’ and ‘do’. So equip yourself with the tools and skills to be an innovator, and have your ideas accepted. Be seen as someone who can make change happen, add value and contribute to the future success of your team and organisation.

In this workshop, we’ll explore the fundamentals of our 123 Innovate ‘See, Think Do’ methodology, and learn how to use the 123 Innovate Question Cards for ideas and creativity. Then, using our Pitch Tool, you’ll learn how to pitch those ideas successfully.

123 Innovate ‘See, Think, Do’ includes:

People – the individual and their ability to “see, “think”, and “do” differently.
Process – systematic steps towards a successful innovative outcome.
Tools – templates, tools, and techniques will help you complete the 123 Innovate process.


  • Equip yourself with the tools and skills to innovate in your role and organisation.
  • Be seen as someone who can make change happen, add value and contribute to the future success of your organisation.
  • Hands-on experience using the 123 Innovate Question Cards – individual and team decks – to help solve problems faster and deliver better ideas and outcomes.
  • Understand that innovation is a process that you can adapt to your role and customer needs.
  • Develop the confidence to think through ideas and pitch successfully.
  • We recommend 10 to 18 participants. 1-day workshop format; in-person or online.
  • Includes a full set of 123 Innovate Collaboration Cards (Individual and Team decks) for all participants.
  • Ideal for individuals and team members looking for new ways to innovate and measure ideas.

Innovation Mindset: Seek and deliver better outcomes every day

In the modern workday, understanding your Innovation Mindset is essential. This is especially true for those who contribute to or promote continuous innovation and improvement in their roles through identifying opportunities to do things better and leaders responsible for nurturing ideas and a culture of innovation in their team or organisation.

Discover your license to innovate and unlock your potential for career success. 

Through exploring the innovation mindset attributes and tools, you’ll develop the confidence to work more innovatively. Then by learning how to identify your strengths and contribution to innovation, you’ll develop habits and behaviours to seek and deliver better outcomes every day.

In this highly interactive workshop, you’ll develop the confidence to work more innovatively.


  • Use the Innovation Mindset framework to reflect on your own experience and understand how you contributed to making an idea or innovation happen.
  • Realise your potential by learning how to engage with workmates to deliver innovative outcomes.
  • Discover your innovation strengths to unleash your innovation mindset.
  • Understand your role in accelerating team performance.
  • Take practical steps towards making change happen and building innovation capability into your day-to-day work.
  • On-line – we recommend 10 to 14 with the program delivered in modules over 2 to 4 weeks.
  • In-person – we recommend 12 to 18 participants in a 1-day workshop format. 
  • Ideal for individuals who want to learn how to identify opportunities to do things better and work smarter. 
  • Ideas for leaders responsible for nurturing ideas and a culture of innovation in their team or organisation.

Facilitation skills to deliver high-performing remote and hybrid teams

Accelerate outcomes through internal facilitation using existing tools to reduce time and cost.

In the face-to-face world, team building is obvious and routine, typically requiring 3 things: an agenda, a facilitator and a whiteboard. And the team does all the work.

But energising remote and hybrid teams requires different skills, planning, and tools to maximise team experience and collaboration performance.

Based on design thinking and agile principles, Firebox (Facilitated Interactive Remote Exchange) is our toolset, method and mindset. It’s how we transformed 20 years of facilitation experience for engaging online delivery. Importantly, anyone who facilitates face-to-face meetings can use Firebox to deliver successful online sessions.

  • For team leaders guiding colleagues through planning meetings and retrospectives, Firebox helps you become a confident and proficient facilitator.
  • For leaders seeking self-led solutions, Firebox develops your remote facilitation skills.
  • For experienced facilitators, Firebox hands you the controls to focus on running productive and powerful remote workshops and meetings.

We’ll explore facilitation techniques such as design and agile tools, along with tools developed by Hargraves to deliver interactive, online sessions.


  • Skillset to facilitate interactive online workshops, improving teamwork and encouraging a sense of shared purpose, actions and outcomes.
  • Mindset to encourage diverse perspectives and ensure everyone is heard.
  • Toolset to increase creativity and examine issues from diverse viewpoints.
  • We recommend 10 to 12 participants. 1-day workshop,  online or in-person.
  • Includes all Firebox templates, warm-up activities, trigger questions and more. 
  • Ideal for leaders, team leaders and individuals keen to develop facilitation skills.

Developing Digital Leadership Skills

Hybrid working means different arrangements for different teams. There’s no standard to follow – we’re all unique. So leaders need to create new best practices for their team or organisation.

Following the Digital Team builder methodology, Andrew Pope will share his approach, successfully implemented with numerous large private organisations and UK Government agencies. First, identify barriers and opportunities, then work through the engaging playing cards – based on collaborative techniques, behaviours and strategies – to find ideas for building your hybrid working practices.

In this online workshop, leaders and teams leading the change to hybrid work will develop the skills to get hybrid work right using existing digital tools such as Microsoft 365 – Teams and Yammer. (Each workshop is especially facilitated to suit participant needs, tools, and challenges.)


  • Practical skills to engage colleagues in your toolset, both within and between teams.
  • Techniques to lead balanced team-working regardless of location and time.
  • Simplify working arrangements and create clear expectations of ways of work that support flexible but connected working.
  • We recommend 10 to 12 participants. 2.5-hour session, online.
  • Facilitated by Andrew Pope, digital culture and collaboration expert, and co-author of Designing Collaboration.
  • Includes pre-workshop meeting and delivery of an action plan with skills that can be adopted immediately.
  • Participants receive a full Digital Team Builder tool kit to continue their leadership journey.
  • Ideal for one team or for a group of team leaders from a single organisation. 
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