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Making change happen through our 'People-First' Innovation and Tools Approach​

We provide practical collaboration and innovation services to help you make change happen.

At Hargraves, we help create a real impact by boosting capability, performance, and growth.

Our sustained attention in this space means we’re never starting from a blank canvas. Instead, we draw upon our experience engaging with teams and organisations, offering you:

  • A clear perspective to help pinpoint issues.
  • Tool-neutral advice that explores practical ways forward, regardless of the approach that’s already in place.
  • Experts with real innovation experience, backed up by local and global partners.
  • Proven practice and leading-edge ideas developed through hands-on experience and collaboration.

Most of all, we’ll work hand-in-hand with you, sharing proven tools and techniques to maximise the benefits of healthy collaboration, innovation and ideas. Then, we’ll leave you with a renewed focus and a clear path forward.

Browse our collaboration and innovation services. We can also design a customised solution to address your priorities, incorporating our ‘People-First’ approach, practical tools, and engaging resources. Book a no-obligation coaching call so we can discuss your challenge and share some ideas.

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Projects & Programs

Embed change, boost culture and shift mindsets through custom projects designed to identify and address the real issues and deliver ongoing impact. With our 6-step DECODE process for addressing complex problems.


Workshops to boost individual and team performance. From innovation, collaboration, diversity and digital leadership to improving internal facilitation skills. Learn tools and techniques which can be used over and over again.

Team Coaching

Hargraves Coaching offers a purpose-built solution to unlock your team’s success. As the team leader, we’ll equip you with tools and skills, empowering you to address real-world team and leadership challenges. With one-on-one coaching and support throughout the process.

Team Health Check

A Team Health Check will help you pinpoint the challenges, capture what’s working, and identify inhibitors to team success. Then, we’ll develop a clear, deliverable action plan to boost performance and growth.

Tess Julian facilitating a workshop
HI - community innovator recognition sydney trains

Women @ Work

Developed by women, for women, this program focuses on first identifying structural barriers, biases and behaviours. Then empowering women with the tools and skills to lead change and bring others on the journey with them.


As organisations strive to attract and retain staff, celebrating your people and their strengths demonstrates that you see and acknowledge their efforts, while promoting your organisation as a great place to work. Our Hargraves Innovator Awards recognise and celebrate your people and their strengths.

Delivery Options

Our online interactive training engages anyone, anywhere, while building peer-to-peer relationships across your organisation. With coaching and an action-learning project to embed skills and learning. While our traditional in-person solutions may include post-program coaching and online follow-up.

Wow! Symbio engaged Hargraves Institute to deliver the Thriving Teams workshop to all our employees. Allan and Tess were able to deliver the workshops virtually without losing any of the collaborative elements. It was highly interactive and engaging with all attendees taking away valuable insights and action plans along with follow-up activities for ongoing value. It was magic to see teams connecting on a personal as well as a business level which you know will really improve how they work together as a team.

Looking for innovative ways to strengthen relationships, develop soft skills, and boost team morale?

Explore our range of self-delivered resources designed to empower your leaders and managers with the skills and tools necessary for effective team leadership.

Discover cost-effective, self/team-led solutions tailored to your needs:

  • Enrich Team Days and team workshops with engaging, interactive elements.
  • Ensure a consistent, scalable approach across your departments and organisation.
  • Implement in-house training (ask us about our train-the-trainer options).
  • Resources for external and professional facilitators (inquire about product partnership opportunities).

Developed in collaboration with Ricky Nowak, Leadership Coach and expert

Developed in collaboration with CCS (creators of the CCS image cards)

Developed in collaboration with Designing Collaboration

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