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With 20 years of innovation expertise, our proven programs, tools, products and training build innovation capability and nurture collaboration.

With extensive experience in innovation and collaboration and insights from Australia’s leading community of practice in innovation and collaboration, we help you embed innovation and nurture collaboration across all areas.

From top-down (strategy, culture and projects) to bottom-up (innovation mindset, face-to-face collaboration, digital collaboration, tools and training).

As a community, our services are designed through collaboration to address specific, genuine issues, and continuously updated to reflect emerging issues.

Proven through practice for leaders, teams and organisations.

Programs & Workshops

Developed in collaboration with leading organisations to

Innovation Coaching & Collaboration

We’ve been working with successful leaders and their teams for almost two decades. And, after thousands of conversations, we know what makes innovation happen.

Innovation coaching includes a 3-step program for leaders and teams, with insights, programs and tools developed hand-in-hand with innovative organisations.

Employee Recognition

The Hargraves Innovator Awards recognise people who make a difference at work

Developed in collaboration with leading organisations, these Awards are uniquely powerful, celebrating your people and their strengths, whatever their job, role or contribution to innovation and improvement.

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An online community to help leaders and individuals DIY innovation. With free tools, events, insights and new thinking to help you become more innovative.

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Custom projects leveraging proven tools and techniques to address highly specific or unique issues.

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COLLABORIZZA™ team collaboration: self-delivered.

A team collaboration ‘workshop in a box’ with all the know-how you need (tools, templates and instructions) to run a half-day group workshop and individual follow‑up activities for up to 12 team members, at a time and place that suits you. 

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