We provide practical collaboration and innovation solutions to help you make change happen.

At Hargraves, we help create real impact to boost collaboration and innovation capability, performance and growth. Browse our services and delivery options to discover the right solution for you. Or book a coaching call to explore ideas and options.

Our sustained attention in this space means we’re never starting from a blank canvas. Instead, we draw upon our experience engaging with teams and organisations locally and globally, offering you:

  • A clear perspective to help pinpoint issues.
  • Tool-neutral advice that explores practical ways forward, regardless of the approach that’s already in place.
  • Experts with real innovation experience, backed up by local and global partners.
  • Proven practice and leading-edge ideas developed through hands-on experience and collaboration.

Most of all, we’ll work hand-in-hand with you, sharing proven tools and techniques to maximise the benefits of collaboration and innovation. Then, we’ll leave you with a clear way forward and renewed focus.

Are you leading change in your organisation?

Are you leading change in your team?

Are you a leader looking for a proven, facilitated approach to address an identified issue? Perhaps you can't quite pinpoint the problem and need an external perspective?

Our Assessments will help you pinpoint the challenges, capture what's working, and identify inhibitors to business success, leaving you with a cohesive and clear action plan to boost performance and growth. Our strategy and innovation solutions are ideal for kick-starting your action plan.

Today, a collaborative, innovative and inclusive workplace is essential. Our diversity and collaboration solutions develop high-performing teams built around confidence and connectedness, a clear and common purpose, trust and equal voice. Likewise, our innovation solutions equip your people members with innovation skills and tools, developing the confidence to innovate internally and externally, and have their ideas heard. 

As organisations strive to attract and retain staff, celebrating your people and their strengths demonstrates that you see and acknowledge their efforts while promoting your organisation as a great place to work. Our Hargraves Innovator Awards recognise and celebrate the people making innovation happen at work.

Maybe you're confident to lead change but need new ideas, tools and products you can deliver. Or perhaps you're a people leader looking for products you can roll out at scale across the organisation.

Better conversations, ideas and collaboration, at scale.

  • Support team leaders through the Leadership Question Cards. Proven questions to support confident leaders with better one-on-one and team conversations and idea generation.
  • Help hybrid and digital teams address everyday challenges through Digital Team Builder and TeamPlays.
  • Transform your culture, one team at a time. Collaborizza (Workshop in a Box) includes tools and a step-by-step guide for building high-performing collaborative teams. 

Looking for something special?

We can build a change program to address your specific challenge, whether you need a little help to get started or an expert to do it all for you.

Wow! Symbio engaged Hargraves Institute to deliver the Thriving Teams workshop to all our employees. Allan and Tess were able to deliver the workshops virtually without losing any of the collaborative elements. It was highly interactive and engaging with all attendees taking away valuable insights and action plans along with follow-up activities for ongoing value. It was magic to see teams connecting on a personal as well as a business level which you know will really improve how they work together as a team.

D Steenbergen, People Development Business Partner, Symbio

Hargraves Playlist

Innovation Mindset

Make change happen, fast

For hybrid, in-person and remote teams.

Explore workshops designed to boost individual and team performance incorporating proven tools and techniques.

Embed Change

Take a deep dive.

In-depth programs designed to deliver a culture shift with lasting impact for teams and organisations. 


Lead a high-performing team.

Identify and address challenges hindering team performance through innovation and collaboration coaching, training, tools and techniques. 

Transform culture with Collaborizza at Mortons


Innovation, collaboration, strategy

Assess where you are, analyse where you’re going, and create an action plan for success.

DIY Products

Out-of-the-box solutions for leaders and teams.

From question cards to team collaboration workshops, explore DIY products designed to help you make change happen.

DIY Tools

Developed through collaboration.

Shared freely, reflecting the collaborative example of our namesake, Lawrence Hargrave.

Hybrid teams digital collaboration cards
Our Hargraves team

We're here to help!

We’ve seen it all and can share in-depth knowledge and experience, including:

  • Innovation culture, mindset and strategy.
  • Healthy collaboration, hybrid working, diversity and inclusion, team-building and high-performing teams.
  • People and teams, employee and customer experience, innovator and employee recognition.
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