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Our ‘People-First’ Approach leverages proven tools and resources that actively engage everyone in driving meaningful change.

We invite you to explore a selection of our research-based, collaborative, and experience-driven tools. These resources are designed to enhance performance and productivity, foster a thriving team culture, and deliver genuine business outcomes.

Can’t find the right tool?

Tell us a bit about your challenge and we’ll see what we have in our Master Toolkit. 

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Be a better leader


Lead a high-performing, engaged team

Resilience & Wellbeing

Problem Solving & Innovation

Digital Collaboration & Hybrid Working

Tools for Individuals and Team Members​

Unlock the Potential of a 'People-First' Approach

Hargraves Institute was founded in 2006 by 12 leading organisations who shared a vision to make Australia more innovative through collaboration and ‘collective wisdom.’

We continue this legacy by developing and sharing valuable resources based on our research and expertise to support leaders and individuals in creating positive change.

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