Welcome to Hargraves

Australia’s leading community of practice for collaboration and innovation.

Founded in 2006 by leading organisations, we’re an open, collaborative community sharing insights and experience.

Our difference is 'community'

We’re an established, diverse community built from the ground up to collaborate, sharing insights and experience in innovation.

Leaders, teams, individuals and organisations sharing both a common interest in innovation, and a willingness to collaborate.

“No need to reinvent the wheel. Your issues are probably dealt with by the broader group.
Collaboration is a strong value and all participants are more than willing to share experience.
The depth/breadth of participating members.”

Our community is diverse

Every member is different.

Individuals, teams, leaders of teams, corporate leaders with different responsibilities and vastly different levels of innovation experience.

Spanning diverse sectors and industries – private, public, for purpose, not-for-profit.

All sharing insights and experience for mutual success.

Our team

Founded by Allan Ryan in 2006, our team includes partners and experts with personal experience spanning all areas of innovation capability.

We know innovation because we know the companies doing innovation – what’s worked, and what hasn’t. And that knowledge comes through collaboration. 

Our Core Objectives

Our mission is shared success through community, collaboration and innovation.

Learning together as a community.
Working together through collaboration.
Changing together through innovation.

Through collaboration (face-to-face and online), tools, insights, products and services, we nurture innovation mindset and build innovation capability across teams and organisations.

We’re committed to:

Our story began in 1999…


Innovation wasn’t widely adopted. Many leaders were sceptical, branding it too hard, too expensive, and unable to be justified. But as a CEO responsible for 500 people, Allan Ryan was curious. He’d progressed up the ladder from young engineer to executive, seeing firsthand the success of inquiry and innovation.

In the year 2000, curious to understand innovation, he embarked on a quest and moved to the Australian Graduate School of Management to research innovation success in large and leading organisations. Through AGSM, he worked with the best local and global leaders of change and growth.

In 2002, armed with a unique understanding of innovation, personal experience and successful research, Allan started his consultancy, Managed Innovation International.

As a consultant, his skill in asking different questions delivered many successful projects for a variety of organisations. In learning what made some companies more successful, he could definitively link an organisation’s results and performance to their approach to innovation. Interestingly, he also found that many organisations faced similar challenges regardless of their industry or sector.

Then, in 2005, a conversation changed everything. Roche, a highly successful and innovative organisation, asked:

“How do we learn, how do we excel when we’re already very, very good?”

How do organisations could continue to grow and improve, and where does new knowledge come from? How do we know if something works – or not? How can we short-cut trial and error and fast-track success?

Their idea:

“To have conversations with diverse companies that are very good and meet people who are different and who we can talk to about their experiences.”

In 2006, with the commitment and seed funding from 12 founding organisations, Hargraves commenced.

Today, collaboration is proven and widely accepted as the key to successful innovation. With collaboration and innovation embedded into our DNA, Hargraves is a thriving, diverse community of practice, sharing insights and experience in a trusted environment.

Our members – individuals, organisations and alumni – share a willingness to collaborate; and an understanding that collaboration is key to innovation, and that innovation is essential to success.

And Allan’s expertise and passion for collaboration and innovation remain unsurpassed and evident through the insights shared freely with those he meets every day.

Our Founding Members

Hargraves Institute commenced on 1 July 2006 with the support of 12 Founding Members and a vision of building a diverse community to share knowledge, wisdom and experience in a non-competitive environment. Today, we’ve grown into a vibrant community underpinned by our Charter.

Our Founder & Advisory Members have included:

Aristocrat Technologies Australia, AMP, Australian Department of Health, Australian Wool Innovation, BGIS, BlueScope Steel, Boeing Australia, Caltex Australia Petroleum, Cerebos (Australia), Cochlear, CSIRO Future Industries Sector, CSR Building Products Limited, Dulux, FIAL, George Weston Technologies, Jacobs Australia, Mars Food Australia, Roche Products, Selleys, Westpac Banking Corporation.

Their Vision
  • “To be a part of the collection of the country’s best innovators; learn how to be more innovative through the collective experience of the group.”
  • “To enhance the international competitiveness and financial performance of Australian businesses through innovation.”
  • “A forum to benchmark and give our people an opportunity to develop skills in creativity and innovation.”
  • “To keep abreast of the latest theories for excellence in innovation. Identify and exchange best practices.”
  • “To network outside current industry; to broaden business outlook; to create a medium for young graduates to participate in; to expand the description of innovation away from inventiveness.”
  • “To provide cross-fertilisation of ideas – learn how to do things differently by working with a different industry.”

Why are we called Hargraves Institute?

Our name recognises the Australian aviation pioneer Lawrence Hargrave, innovator and inventor of the box kite.
Hargrave believed passionately in open communication, refusing to patent his inventions and allowing them to benefit anyone who wished to use them.

Through innovation, collaboration and community, we emulate Hargrave’s philosophy and take our name from the first commercially available aircraft built by Gabriel Voisin. Voisin called the box-wing cells ‘Hargraves’.

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