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Because conversations at work don't always flow easily

The secret to successful teams and organisations is how people treat each other, that is, the culture. Culture is created through quality relationships, which are forged through healthy conversations.

It’s nothing new that leaders must balance demands and distribute their time between themselves and their teams. But what is new is the increased expectation to nurture quality relationships and connections. 

But sometimes, conversations at work just don’t flow. FLOW Conversation Cue Cards stimulate meaningful discussion between leaders and individuals, team leaders and team members, colleagues, coaches and coachees, and more.

By using engaging conversation cards and tools, you’ll highlight that the purpose of your meeting is different. In addition, harnessing the power of asking open questions helps individuals set the conversation’s agenda and sends a clear signal that they are at the centre of the discussion. 

But most importantly, these easy-to-use cards put employee and team experience at the centre and give managers the confidence to start meaningful conversations with practical outcomes.

The Power of FLOW

Developed by Hargraves in collaboration with Ricky Nowak, FLOW Conversation Cue Cards capture 20 years of expertise and research. Like flashcards, FLOW Cards help individuals, leaders, and teams explore how we lead others (WE) and manage ourselves (ME). Based on our Question Canvas Approach, every card is designed to inspire open thinking and prompt meaningful conversations. 

But curating our research down to precisely two decks of 48 cards is what makes FLOW so powerful. Individuals decide which cards are relevant and/or important at any given time. And the cards can be used over and over again – in multiple ways – as situations and contexts change. 

1 pack, 2 topics, 8 categories, 3 groups…countless conversations.​
FLOW Cards work

Today's employees want a manager who is invested in their personal and professional development. They want frequent feedback - and opportunities to do more of what they do best. They want to consistently grow as they pursue a compelling purpose.

How do FLOW Cards facilitate meaningful conversations for individuals, leaders and teams?

Successful leadership requires active listening, healthy conversations and feedback.

Designed to focus the discussion, FLOW cards work equally well in groups or one-on-one and are ideal for anyone who leads conversations. For example, leaders and individuals who want to engage in self-reflection. Teams building relationships and working through challenges. Even professional, corporate, and executive coaches.

Use FLOW Conversation Cue Cards to:

  • Harness individual strengths to boost productivity and engagement.
  • Understand specific issues and challenges, and build outcomes.
  • Identify required resources and collaborative partnerships to improve performance.

How to use FLOW Conversation Cue Cards...

For individual and team performance

For bridging silos and building relationships

For exploring topics



We work in a world that can be hybrid, remote or face-to-face. We work online, in teams, solo and across silos. And, of course, there are countless apps such as Microsoft 365 and Trello and digital whiteboards like MS Teams, Zoom, Miro and Mural.

Included when ordering 12 or more packs, FLOW 'drag and drop' images (png files) can be uploaded to your preferred app without any special setup or requirements. Perfect for more engaging remote meetings, prompting conversations on your intranet or when people can't access physical cards.


But as humans working in a digital world, hands-on tools provide a valuable alternative to screen time.

Whether together or online, when participants have physical tools to share, hold up, layout and shuffle, conversations, engagement and collaboration will flourish. That's why we recommend everyone has (or has access to) their own physical deck of FLOW cards.

What’s in the pack?

Each FLOW Pack includes:

  • 2 topics (2 decks of 48 cards): Leadership@Work (WE) and Resilience@Work deck (ME).
  • 8 categories: expertise, belief, perspectives, behaviours, actions, culture, relationships, and infrastructure.
  • 3 groups: individuals, teams and organisations.

With instruction cards outlining how to use FLOW on your own, with your team and with other leaders. And Actions and Next Steps to help you build and deliver outcomes.

Contact us for bulk orders (50+ packs) or customised box branding for clients, staff or conference giveaways.


Buy 12 or more FLOW packs in one order and enjoy a 25% discount. Plus, bonus drag & drop images (digital cards) for online use, virtual whiteboards etc.

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Team Pack


Single pack

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Single Pack
People having a conversation

Holding a conference or event? FLOW is the perfect icebreaker

Share random cards and invite participants to:
  • Find others with a card from the same category and introduce themselves.
  • Form random groups based on common card numbers, letters or categories.
  • Introduce themselves to the person sitting next to them and spend a minute chatting about what their card means to them.

Leadership@Work developed in collaboration with Ricky Nowak (MAICD, CSP)
Hargraves Partner, Leadership Coach and Expert 
Author of Leadership In Three Words
Ricky Nowak Leadership Is Individual

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