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Flow Conversation Cue Cards

Conversations at work don’t always flow easily.

A clear and powerful way to explore what matters most

Each FLOW Pack offers 2 decks of carefully curated question cards to safely explore different perspectives and ideas, including:

  • 2 topics (2 decks of 48 cards): Leadership @ Work (WE) and Resilience @ Work deck (ME).
  • 8 categories: expertise, belief, perspectives, behaviours, actions, culture, relationships, and infrastructure.
  • 3 groups: individuals, teams and organisations.

With instruction cards outlining how to use FLOW on your own, with your team and with other leaders. And Actions and Next Steps to help you build and deliver outcomes.

Single Pack: $90

12 or more Packs: 20% discount ($72/pack).

Prices include GST and free standard shipping within Australia. International shipping prices will calculate at check-out. 

Better teams, better collaboration, better performance 

Each Collaborizza Kit includes materials for 12 team members.

Extender Packs include materials for 3 additional team members and may only be purchased in conjunction with a full Collaborizza Kit.

Better hybrid teams, better digital collaboration

Each Digital Team Builder Kit includes a perpetual single team license.

6 TeamPlays

1 Deck: $37
2 to 11 Decks: $29 each
12 or more decks: $25 each.

Prices include GST and free standard shipping within Australia. International shipping prices will calculate at check-out. 

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