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Our ‘People-First’ Approach puts people, processes, ideas, and collaboration at the core of our strategies. Prioritising people and leveraging resources cultivates engagement to transform your team and enhance productivity and performance. From tools and resources to improve collaboration habits and build diverse, thriving teams to an ‘Ideas-First’ approach and tools to embed a culture of innovation into your team’s DNA.

Inspired by our namesake’s commitment to sharing knowledge, our free resources include insights, tools and frameworks developed through independent research, collaboration, and experience.

In addition, our innovative products (developed in collaboration with expert partners) are designed to help you create a positive and successful work environment. Discover the hands-on tools you need to engage and support your people, improve wellbeing, and enhance employee experience. 

Asking specific questions will stimulate conversation that would likely not happen on its own.

NiKieTa Marketing

Hargraves Question Canvas

The cards help you think about the questions you should be asking and considering when you have an idea. I like how there is a process to help flesh out the idea via the ‘see, think, do’ method. … The benefits of the cards help consider questions you would not normally think of, re-framing the problem or idea and provide a process of how you would tackle that idea. 


123 Innovate Cards

The Leadership @ Work Cards make it easy to have better conversations and listen to my staff about what matters to them. The clever coaching questions are clear and help me make people feel safe to express their voice.

Risk Management Institute of Australia

FLOW Conversation Cue Cards

Focusing on cards takes the attention from individuals/self-absorption.

L Li

FLOW Conversation Cue Cards

The vision cards are a shortcut to breaking down barriers. They are a licence to say and think differently.


Innovation & Collaboration

What is innovation? How can you become more innovative? And what's collaboration got to do with it?

Innovation Mindset Framework

What is 'Mindset' and why is it important?

Collaboration Framework

In our experience, collaboration thrives on two key attributes – confidence and connectedness.

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