Tools and resources to help you collaborate and innovate

Did you know that over 70% of innovation comes from collaboration (and imitation), while less than 20% comes from entirely new ideas?

We've built community and collaboration into our DNA and offer free resources to help you address all sorts of challenges.


Ideas to inspire you, trends to keep you up to date, and content from our experts and partners to drive innovation and collaboration.


Free tools developed in collaboration with leaders, partners and experts to help you DIY innovation and collaboration.


Our ED, Allan Ryan, is passionate about innovation and collaboration. He’s always willing to have a quick chat with leaders to share insights.

Just like our namesake, we share knowledge to help you innovate.

Our name recognises the Australian aviation pioneer Lawrence Hargrave, innovator and inventor of the box kite.
Hargrave believed passionately in open communication, refusing to patent his inventions and allowing them to benefit anybody who wished to use them.

Through innovation, collaboration and community, we emulate Hargrave’s philosophy and take our name from the first commercially available aircraft built by Gabriel Voisin. Voisin called the box-wing cells ‘Hargraves’.

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