What’s the secret sauce for successful collaboration?

Collaborative teams are the first step to breaking down silos.

Collaboration AssessmentDo you want to understand how to make collaboration more effective?

The first place to start to break down silos and improve collaboration is to start with ourselves. Understanding our own potential is the first step to building better collaboration. Better collaborative people build better collaborative teams.

Collaboration is defined as working with at least one other person towards a common goal. It is essential in a fast-changing environment and a way for organisations to quickly access skills and knowledge. It is also a proven method for innovation — we know that more and better ideas come from other people (over 70%) than from individual creativity (less than 20%).

At Hargraves, we’ve been working with Australia’s leading organisations since 2006. We’ve explored ideas to help organisations, teams and individuals create, and be part of, healthy and effective collaboration. Our latest White Paper, From ‘Me’ to ‘We’, shares what we’ve learned about collaboration over the last 2 decades.

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