What pops into your mind first when you think about innovation?

What pops into your mind first when you think about innovation? Is it a mobile phone, the internet, a robot, 3D printing or something else? If you search online for innovation there are numerous images of light bulbs, cool, colourful images and quite a few pictures of Steve Jobs.

Innovation seems to be the new buzz word and everyone in a start-up, corporates and even government are excited about it and want to get involved. But is innovation actually a new idea?  No, not really. Innovation is the process of transformation and improvement from one thing to another. Innovation is all around us in nature, and we humans are pretty good at coming up with new ideas too. Fire, the wheel, steam, electricity, solar and space travel, innovation is always around us.

Often when we think of innovation in business, we think of new products or services and putting things in the cloud. Business innovation can be so much more – it can be as simple as an improvement on a production line to changing the way in which training is carried out.

At work, we need to be constantly innovating, what could be better, why do we do it this way? That may sound a little daunting at first, but with some guidance and collaboration it can be quite simple to develop an innovation culture. Hargraves works with its members to develop cultures of innovation, innovation leaders and identify new opportunities arising from thinking innovatively.

I was lucky enough to join Hargraves at the beginning of this year, and to work alongside David Buisson as the Hargraves Queensland Advocate. My role is to connect with our existing members and find new members and talk with them about innovation and collaboration. If you’d like to find out more about innovation and collaboration opportunities in your organisation, give me a call.

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