* Thriving Teams for Collaboration & Growth

Thriving Teams

For collaboration, transformation and growth. 

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According to Charles Darwin, the ability to collaborate is critical for innovating and succeeding. But getting it right is not always easy. Research shows it takes trust, common purpose, equal voice, diversity of thinking, shared values, shared accountability, mutual respect, and psychological safety.

Many of us have found a better work/life balance through hybrid working. While we need to organise people, resources and expertise to handle new ways of working, we also have to prevent silo thinking and behaviour. 

As technology enables us to collaborate in different ways, understanding the attributes and behaviours that drive collaboration has never been more critical.

‘Teams’ have never been more critical.

This ‘how to’ guide incorporates 20 years of collaboration expertise and insights from working with leaders and teams to develop great collaborative behaviours.

Understand what healthy collaboration looks like, why it’s essential and how to achieve it and explore proven tools and techniques to help you improve team collaboration and team-building.

Why is this resource free?

Hargraves Institute was established in 2006 by leading organisations who shared a clear objective to help make Australia more innovative through collaboration and ‘collective wisdom’. This toolkit combines our research and expertise with that of our partners, leaders and experts and is offered freely under our banner of community, collaboration and innovation.

Thriving Teams for collaboration and growth

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