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Thriving Teams ebook

Thriving teams deliver collaboration, transformation and growth. And in our experience, collaboration thrives on 2 key attributes ― ’confidence’ and ‘connectedness’.

This ebook shares 20 years of expertise and insights from working with leaders and teams to develop great collaborative behaviours.

Learn what healthy collaboration looks like, why it's essential and how to achieve it, with proven tools to help leaders and teams DIY team collaboration.

According to Charles Darwin, the ability to collaborate is critical for innovating and succeeding. But getting it right is not always easy. Research shows it takes trust, common purpose, equal voice, diversity of thinking, shared values, shared accountability, mutual respect, and psychological safety.

While we need to organise people, resources and expertise to handle our world’s complexity, we also have to prevent silo thinking and behaviour. The Covid pandemic has shown us that fast change is possible – we can transform the way we work. Within weeks, organisations had systems and processes for working from home, hybrid working and managing remote teams. The evidence suggests that productivity improved, and many individuals found a better balance in their lives. 

With technology enabling us to collaborate in different ways, understanding the attributes and behaviours that drive collaboration has never been more critical. ‘Teams’ have never been more critical.

Thriving Teams ebook

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We help teams and organisations thrive through better collaboration and innovation.

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