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Three ways to deliver a Team Day everybody will embrace and value

Team Days are now more critical than ever as organisations give hybrid and remote teams greater freedom with the proviso that regular on-site team days occur. And however frequently your team gets together, these opportunities play a critical role in team building and can deliver significant returns in productivity, creativity and wellness over the longer term.

By building relationships when we get together, we nurture relationships that we can maintain online.

Taking time out for valuable team building activities is time well spent for busy teams. However, Team Days filled with slide shows and lectures are a missed opportunity for personal interaction, engaging diverse team members and exploring individual priorities.

A good coffee machine is no longer an incentive to come to the office. A good conversation is!

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Team Day Toolkit for Leaders

At Hargraves, we’ve facilitated hundreds (if not thousands) of different Team Days. So we’ve collated our top 10 do’s and don’ts and 4 of our team collaboration tools to help you deliver a successful Team Day.

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