Tools Modern Workplace Canvas for Thriving Teams

The Modern Workplace Canvas for Thriving Teams​

Digital collaboration tools are a significant investment. To achieve a return, they need to deliver improved productivity for your people and teams.​

Whether you use Microsoft 365, Teams, Yammer, Slack or Workplace from Facebook, you already have the tools for better digital collaboration. Now you need to develop a ‘people first’ approach. 

Designed to help kick-start digital transformation, the Modern Workplace canvas incorporates extensive research and over 100 global case studies. With 48 proven, relevant questions across 8 pillars, the canvas uses a process of elimination to identify what teams are doing well, and what areas they need to focus on. 

It’s an effective tool to nurture collaboration and build confidence and connectedness in both face-to-face and remote teams.

And while the Canvas references Microsoft 365, the principles and canvas are technology agnostic and apply to digital collaboration as a whole.

Hargraves designed the canvas in collaboration with global partners and experts, including SWOOP AnalyticsCCS CorporationInnosis, and Corporate Rebels.

The Modern Workplace Canvas

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