The future of work

Insights from our community

In August, we had many conversations, attended events and read widely about the future of work.

This is not a new topic; what is new is that leading organisations now have answers and experiences to guide others.

A recent McKinsey post starts “Work is changing. Digital communications have made remote work commonplace. The gig economy is growing. And advances in artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics could upend the conventional workplace. For workers of the future, then, the ability to adapt their skills to the changing needs of the workplace will be critical. Lifelong learning must become the norm — and at the moment the reality falls far short of the necessity.”

  • Are you facing rapid change and new technology which will affect your job and career?
  • Are your teams worried about engagement and performance?
  • Are your leaders exploring changes driven by the ‘future of work’, and how it will affect teams?

For individuals, the future belongs to the learner. I discovered this great quote from Alistair Smith:

“At times of change, the learners are the ones who will inherit the world,
while the knowers will be beautifully prepared for a world which no longer exists.”

The challenge is to learn faster than others.

For teams and networks of teams, this is becoming a major focus for Hargraves. We believe that teams are empowered by doing change themselves. DIY is a major trend and we are developing downloadable tools to support self-assessment and adoption across innovation, collaboration, digital collaboration and projects.

For organisations, the future of work is already here, as referenced in the recent EY report “Stop talking about the future of work – Workplace disruption is here so why aren’t we acting on it?”

The report opens with Emma Hogan, NSW Public Service Commissioner stating “I think it is really important that the discussion about ‘work of the future’, which technically could be renamed ‘work of the now’, isn’t all doom and gloom. We should view this as an opportunity to introduce and co-design change that benefits people and communities.” This is what Australia and New Zealand need to do.

What is clear is that where the future of work is concerned, whilst most people are still talking about the ‘why’, Hargraves is exploring the ‘how’.

Along with our DIY tools, we’ve commenced extensive research with our global partners to share over 100 case studies, and next year’s annual conference, INNOVATION2020, will focus on the ‘Future of Work’, sharing expertise and learning. Watch this space!

You need a plan.

  1. Contact us to access our new Future of Work Strategy Tool.
  2. Download our new DIY Learning & Development Tool (for individuals).
  3. If you’re already invested in the Future of Work and have developed insights and learning, share your experience at INNOVATION2020.
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