The exciting new world for learning and development

“In the new world of work, each of us is responsible for our own learning and helping others to learn. Do it yourself and coach others.” Allan Ryan, Executive Director, Hargraves Institute.

Busy is the new norm. Flexible working, the gig economy and 24/7 connectivity place additional responsibility on individuals. Growth pressures, tight budgets and digital transformation place additional responsibility on leaders. Many organisations react by shrinking learning and development budgets.

The result is that learning and development become the responsibility of each individual. AND learning is more important than ever.

“At times of change, the learners are the ones who will inherit the world, while the knowers will be beautifully prepared for a world which no longer exists.” Alistair Smith

To address this growing challenge, a new approach is needed. It’s called ‘scaffolding’.

“Take the time to process what you’re learning and clarify why it’s important to you. In education, this is called scaffolding which means gradually adding skills and knowledge as you need them. It’s an effective way of keeping you motivated and retaining what you have learnt, so you can apply the learning when you need to.” Tess Julian, Principal Consultant, Hargraves Institute.

Scaffolding can be applied both to your own learning and coaching of others. At Hargraves, we call these two approaches ‘Connected Learning’ and ‘Connected Coaching’. Both follow the proven ‘discover, design and deliver’ stages of innovation and design thinking. Importantly, each provides the opportunity to pause and reflect, so are best completed using pen and paper.[dt_gap height=”14″ /]

[dt_highlight color=”” text_color=”” bg_color=””]Download our DIY Learning & Development tool to try the Connected Approach for yourself. Includes questions and ideas to help you in your career.[/dt_highlight]

[dt_gap height=”14″ /]Thanks to Tess Julian and Michael Bungay Stanier’s ‘The Coaching Habit’ for insight and inspiration.

For more information about our Connected Approach for you and your team, just say ‘HI’.


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