The big question facing many businesses today?


The big question facing many businesses today is ‘to disrupt or be disrupted’. The Hargraves Disruptive Innovation Group was formed by Allan Ryan in response to the questions that leaders are asking, questions such as”

“How ready is our organisation to do something big? (Are we INNOVATION FIT and how do we measure INNOVATION FITNESS?)”
“Do we understand who, what and where innovation will disrupt us?”
“How can we be proactive and be the disruptor?”

In the first meeting hosted by Cochlear, group members agreed to share experiences, both good and bad; to explore the tools, methods and frameworks that work. CHEP, Zodiac Australia, Coca-Cola Amatil, Nestlé Australia Limited, Selleys and Cochlear made short presentations detailing recent innovations.

The next meeting will present the current ‘collective wisdom’ held by Hargraves Institute. The outcome is to develop an agreed number of ‘building blocks’ that can be used to develop unique approaches for every organisation at all levels.

Contact Allan Ryan for further details.

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