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The Age of Mobility

3 trends for work, workforce and workplace

I’m sure you’d agree that the iPhone (first released in 2007) represents a great example of innovation in the modern era. The years since (for both the iPhone and Hargraves which launched in 2006) have been ones of unprecedented change and disruption.

Our research of trends and best practice – generated through thousands of conversations with organisations, business and thought leaders – has identified 3 trends that are delivering amazing outcomes and opportunities across all sectors and industries.

Mobility of work

Many organisations are embracing activity-based working, flexible working, more outsourcing, contracting and engaging in the gig economy. This places more responsibility on individuals to proactively connect with colleagues, undertake do-it-yourself learning and development and create their own toolboxes to improve individual performance. Our community is requesting Do-It-Yourself learning resources and opportunities for growth.

Mobility of Teams

Organisations are changing from ‘hierarchies’ to ‘teams of teams’. The unit of operation is self-managed teams. Lean start-up, scrum and agile working are rapidly gaining acceptance. This places more responsibility on team leaders to create healthy teams with rapid feedback mechanisms for team culture and performance. Team leaders can no longer wait for annual staff engagement surveys and performance reviews to assess performance. At Hargraves, we are responding with Health Checks for Teams.

Mobility of Organisations

Top-down command and control with vertical relationships and silos are being replaced with bottom-up empowerment of all staff and horizontal collaboration across organisations including partners and supply chains. Leaders understand they can no longer predict the future. Annual or longer strategic plans are being replaced by agile and flexible planning. Senior leaders in our community are working with us to define Connected Leadership for both capability development and strategic planning.

Our program adapts and responds to these trends and includes 3 main areas:

  1. Do-It-Yourself resources and opportunities for individual development.
  2. Coaching for healthy teams, and team leader development.
  3. Connected Leadership for individual and organisational transformation.

To learn how these changes will impact you and how you can adapt, email us and we’ll arrange a quick chat.

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