new world of work

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How do we navigate the new world of work?

To succeed in 2021, leaders will need to address new and different challenges. The books have not yet been written; there is no post-pandemic research or proven practice guide you. Instead, leaders need to co-create a new way of working – balancing remote, hybrid or 100% office; collaboration and high performing silos; transformation and growth;…

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How To Lead a Thriving Remote Team

Many of us now accustomed to working remotely. While it was not our decision to do so, it’s definitely here to stay. But whether you’re leading a remote team, or working in a remote team, everyone can contribute to help the team thrive. Once upon a time, team building was obvious and routine. But as…

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A new formula for the future

Where do you start? Ask yourself 3 questions. Do you truly understand the changing needs and aspirations of your customers, non-customers and the wider community in which you operate? Do you work collaboratively in teams and between teams, internally and externally, to deliver better, faster, and with fewer resources? Do you continually transform your business model,…

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