How do we get faster?

The Step Change Commercialisation Group addressed the Topic “How do we get faster?” Three companies presented and a summary is outlined below: Mondelez NPD accounts for 14% of annual revenue, releasing 30 new products in a year. They got faster by investing in People, Processes & Tools. This led to a change in behaviours and…

Case Study: Identifying and selecting consumer trends

Hargraves’ members explored the theme of ‘identifying and selecting consumer trends to drive projects and to bring the voice of the customer into the commercialisation process’. Deloitte outlined some of the big picture trends in the digital age that have affected business models of nearly all companies. The key to responding is to make your…

Disrupting your way to success

Extract from Step Change Commercialisation Workshop  28 members and guests attended the video conference held in the Griffith Hack CBD offices in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. With presentations of 10-15 minutes, questions and then a general discussion during which the attendees were asked to nominate 2-3 lessons that they would take back to their organisations….

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