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4 Tools for Today’s Intrapreneur

There are two types of innovators in organisations today. Firstly, there’s the full time professional whose job it is to deliver new products, services, R&D etc. Then, there’s the ‘volunteer’. The person who has a full time role and has the passion and ideas to make a difference, widely known as ‘intrapreneurs’. The performance of…

Sink or Swim!

IDA Holdings recently conducted a survey to explore what individuals and HR Managers can do to improve leadership transition success. This is an important issue as managers change roles/jobs frequently. 165 managers (including Johnson & Johnson, Lion, Fuji Xerox, BlueScope Steel, Virgin Mobile and Yum! KFC) completed the survey. To contribute to our Body of…

Unleash the Branson in you

Sir Richard Branson has been described as the “catalyst that transforms potential energy in a project or idea into kinetic energy that sends people scurrying in a thousand directions,” Des Dearlove, author of Business the Branson Way. In chemistry, a catalyst is a chemical that accelerates a reaction and is not consumed by the reaction….

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