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Innovation @ Hewlett Packard Enterprise [Case Study]

A fascinating insight into the opportunities and processes for digital transformation The HPE Chief Technologists (Roger Lawrence, Giro Villano, and Jack Story) provided an overview of emerging trends in technology (augmented reality/virtual reality) and how these can be applied in a commercial context. They also explained the ‘Internet of Things’ and the emergence of DevOps …

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Innovation @ Microsoft [Case Study]

Shared learnings on how being social – using applications such as Yammer – is essential for collaboration and innovation Microsoft hosted the cohort and the team from Digital Infusions, a digital consultancy specialising in social innovation through digital platforms (i.e., Yammer). Scott Ward, CEO of Digital Infusions, presented a session on how social platforms such …

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Elon musk sphere

Technology Driven Innovation – The Elon Musk Way

Anyone in the tech startup scene will always give Elon Musk his airtime on pretty much any subject. Why? Because he has been instrumental in the disruption of some of the world’s biggest institutions. Paypal (Financial Institutions), Tesla (Automotive Industry) and SpaceX (Space Exploration) are all part of his doing. So, when I receive an interview where Musk …

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