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Leader Of The Pack

Leaders globally are grappling with how to lead with the sort of deep courage, conviction and care that is more influential than the pandemic is destructive. Irrespective of whether businesses are working locally or virtually, leaders lament the loss of control over their operations and culture. While new restrictions do their bit to prohibit and …

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Tough Problems – A Collaborative Approach

As a community, we’ve been helping members with those problems. The ones that are essential to your success but are proving hard to solve. At Hargraves, we call them ‘tough problems’. They: prevent you from achieving your long-term ambition have previously prompted solutions that although haven’t completely failed, haven’t really succeeded either don’t attract the …

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Learning to ask the right question

Melbourne Water welcomed the opportunity to host the inaugural 123 Innovate Cards workshop. Eight external participants joined four internal innovation catalysts from Melbourne Water for a full day of tools, techniques and learning. Hargraves Institute and its members have used the 123 Innovate® Cards extensively for many years in one-to-one projects and activities. The cards have now been …

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