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The Age of Mobility

Insights from our community 3 trends for work, workforce and workplace I’m sure you’d agree that the iPhone (first released in 2007) represents a great example of innovation in the modern era. The years since (for both the iPhone and Hargraves which launched in 2006) have been ones of unprecedented change and disruption. Recently, our …

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Learning to ask the right question

Melbourne Water welcomed the opportunity to host the inaugural 123 Innovate Cards workshop. Eight external participants joined four internal innovation catalysts from Melbourne Water for a full day of tools, techniques and learning. Hargraves Institute and its members have used the 123 Innovate® Cards extensively for many years in one-to-one projects and activities. The cards have now been …

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A quest for innovation pdf

Is your organisation ready to be truly innovative?

Often wonder why, despite your departments’ efforts and success at being innovative, the rest of your organisation just doesn’t get it and regards you as an irritant. It may be because your organisation doesn’t have the capability nor the innovation maturity to perform consistently at this level. Some sections of your organisation can, and maybe …

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