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Thriving Teams: Expectations v Reality

According to the Harvard Business Review, “94% of businesses said agility and collaboration are central to their growth, but only 14% say their collaboration processes are working well.” As humans, we are social beings and enjoy working with others, so even a small improvement in collaboration performance improves work outcomes and employee experience. But it’s…

Awny receiving his Hargraves Innovator Award

How To Lead a Thriving Remote Team

Many of us now accustomed to working remotely. While it was not our decision to do so, it’s definitely here to stay. But whether you’re leading a remote team, or working in a remote team, everyone can contribute to help the team thrive. Once upon a time, team building was obvious and routine. But as…

Hargraves - X-Teams workshop

Remote Work vs. Remote Teamwork. Another conundrum!

There’s lots of help and support for individuals who suddenly find themselves working from home. But what about the team and team dynamics? How do you keep individuals working as thriving high performing teams when working remotely? How does HR provide team-building opportunities and resources for team leaders working remotely? How do HR and team…

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