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Leadership Matters In More Ways Than One

No one is disputing the fact that leadership matters. In fact, there has never been a more critical time in history where leadership matters more than it does today. We can see all around us that right now, leaders are grappling with how they can lead with the sort of courage, conviction and care that…

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How do we navigate the new world of work?

To succeed in 2021, leaders will need to address new and different challenges. The books have not yet been written; there is no post-pandemic research or proven practice guide you. Instead, leaders need to co-create a new way of working – balancing remote, hybrid or 100% office; collaboration and high performing silos; transformation and growth;…

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How can leaders future-proof their workforce?

It goes without saying that our working lives have changed. And as Covid-19 becomes part of everyday lives, leaders need to stay ahead of the game; to continually reassess the risks of remote working including the emerging risks of returning to the office. It’s also vital to be informed by the latest trends and research….

The future of work

Insights from our community In August, we had many conversations, attended events and read widely about the future of work. This is not a new topic; what is new is that leading organisations now have answers and experiences to guide others. A recent McKinsey post starts “Work is changing. Digital communications have made remote work…

Exploring the opportunities and barriers to collaboration with suppliers

In today’s challenging world, organisations must utilise every resource available for new ideas and innovation. Whilst sourcing innovation from staff and customers is well known, Hargraves members recently met to discuss and explore the opportunities and barriers to collaboration with suppliers. Coca-Cola Amatil raised the question with members and hosted the first meeting of our…

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