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Keep calm and carry on

Isn’t it a relief to know that we can carry on? That we have the tools to enable us to work remotely when the need arises.

But as we embed hybrid habits, I have to ask, is this what the future of work really looks like?

We’re still using that horrible phrase “can’t talk today, I’m back-to-back all day”. We’re all individually busy, except when we’re attending any one of a multitude of daily video meetings – meetings where we’re often not particularly interested or, indeed, involved.

We still start our day with email. Spend the middle of the day with email. End the day with email. Reading the ones that shout the loudest first, reading the others later— then forgetting what we had to do from the shouty emails because we had too many other emails.

But, yes, we can do all of this from home! Isn’t it great! We can bring all the terrible habits from the office into our own homes.

With the added bonus of more distractions, more uncomfortable furniture, and more disturbance.


The future of work isn’t this. It is, however, entirely in our hands. We can move away from the ways of the workplace to the new modern workday. It’s a way of work that works around us – not us working around it. It works to our strengths and, even better, produces high-performing digital teams.

It’s quite simple. It’s all comes down to good collaboration. That is, we have to learn better collaboration habits to achieve our new modern workday.

You already have all the tools – Zoom, Microsoft Teams, etc. And we have the resources. So how do you design your own high-performing remote team and transition to the new modern workday.

Is this your workday?

  • It starts by knowing what is important for our team as a way of work. Focusing on what we need and ditching what we do not.

  • It allows us to work when we need to, not when we have to. We get to join in conversations when we have the headspace. 

  • It is based on us being ourselves, working to our strengths. Not about being a cog in a machine. 

  • It is centred on clear goals and shared working rather than individual tasks performed in isolation. 

  • It is where meetings have purpose and everyone present is involved – and we value the time. We’re also seeing much fewer meetings.

  • It is somewhere where we are trusted to work in a way works for us, yet always to the benefit of the team.
How did you go?

Did you answer, ‘yes’ to every question, or are you still exploring the new modern workday?

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Where do you start?

Start by exploring DIY tools for digital collaboration.

Written for Hargraves by Andrew Pope, Designing Collaboration
Hargraves Partner and Digital Collaboration Expert

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