Soft Skills: The 5 C's

Soft Skills the 5cs

In the modern workplace, the secret to success is to invest in everyone in your organisation, not just the senior leaders or high performers. Developing your teams delivers results for current and future performance and growth. Even more so when a talent shortage exists in the general marketplace.

Thriving teams are the foundation of talent development and performance. However, when everyone is busy, and budgets are tight, training must be more deliberate.

Start by getting the basic skills right.

In business, this means the 4 C’s: creativity, collaboration, communication, and critical thinking. According to the World Economic Forum, these soft skills are essential. However, we’ve included an additional C: change. How you initiate and respond to change will be critical in the future of work.

Download the Soft Skills survey to understand your strengths across these 5 key areas. 

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