Collaboration Health Check

Healthy collaboration for better team performance

"Collaboration means exchange with purpose.​"

Are you curious about collaboration?
Are you keen to experience healthier collaboration in your teams at work?
Healthier for you, your team and your organisation; helping to deliver improved performance.

Research shows that collaboration is now recognised as a key driver of innovation. In fact, in a recent study, collaboration accounts for over 70% of innovation whilst creativity accounts for less than 20%.

There’s also an increased awareness that nearly everyone is part of one or more teams, and that modern teams are different – more diverse, dispersed, digital, and dynamic. You want your teams to be highly collaborative, every day.

The Collaboration Health Check is designed to start a conversation about collaboration by asking ‘How well are we doing, and how can we do better?’ How well are your teams adopting the collaborative behaviours that make this possible?

Confidence + Connectedness = Collaboration

At Hargraves, our objective is to deliver tools and measures that teams can apply themselves (DIY) to become better.

The act of collaborating requires a different mindset, one which is not encouraged in a hierarchical workplace. We believe you can improve collaboration by addressing 2 key attributes ― ’confidence’ and ‘connectedness’. If every individual in your team feels confident about their place and purpose, and they know how to connect with others both personally and digitally, the collaboration will be more successful.

The Hargraves Collaboration Health Check uses powerful collaboration tools to help leaders discover the behaviours and mindsets at play in digital collaboration. Identify team strengths, confidence and connectedness and discover ideas and insights which your team can apply.

Depending on the type of session, these tools may include:

  • Agility Magic’ Cards (face-to-face) or the Hargraves Collaboration Canvas (online). Using team collaboration tools to help you discover the behaviours and mindsets at play within your team. Identify team strengths, weaknesses, issues and opportunities. 
  • CQ Tool – to help teams improve their performance (face-to-face collaboration).
  • Designing Collaboration Diagnostic – to help teams and leaders rate their team’s collaborative behaviours and identify which behaviours need attention more than others (digital collaboration).


Including leaders responsible for digital collaboration including project teams and operational teams

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