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With 20 years of experience, propriety tools and insights from our community, we deliver real results in innovation, collaboration and strategy to build resilience, transformation and growth.

Assess, Analyse and Action

Team Health Check

Analyse priority areas and performance, set clear actionable objectives and use relevant strategies, tools and methods.

The environment around us is constantly changing. Leaders and teams need to stay ahead. Remote working, the gig economy, growth pressures and tight budgets are urgent, but taking time out to plan and review are essential to future success.

An Innovation Health Check is a conversation-style assessment for leaders and teams of any shape, size or structure. 

  • Understand where you are now and what’s changing in your world.
  • Identify the blockers – what’s holding you back. 
  • Plan and prioritise your next steps – objectives, actions and key priorities.

Our Innovation Health Check incorporates See Think Do methodology, along with proprietary tools such as our Innovation Principles, and the 16 building blocks and 12 core values of people-centred innovation.

Collaboration Health Check

Research indicates that over 70% of innovation comes from collaboration and less than 20% comes from creativity.

Healthy collaboration starts with high levels of individual confidence and connectedness. As we migrate to remote working and the new world of work, individuals, leaders and teams need to develop their skills and mindset to more collaborate effectively – both face-to-face and online. 

In this conversation style assessment, leaders and teams:

  • Learn the behaviours and mindsets at play in digital collaboration.
  • Understand team collaboration, confidence and connectedness.
  • Discover ideas, tools and insights which can be applied across the team.

Our Collaboration Health Check uses proprietary tools such as our CQ and Collaboration Assessment Tools, and the Team Collaboration Canvas and the New World of Work Canvas. 

Innovation Strategy

As leaders and decision-makers strive for growth, change and transformation, a clear and decisive action plan and strategy to build innovation capacity is essential. 

In this workshop, individuals with the authority and budget to drive change will explore new research, skills and techniques, and benefit from the experience and knowledge of our community to develop a comprehensive action plan and set a clear direction for the organisation.

In this session, senior leaders utilise our Innovation Health Check Workbook to:

  • understand where they as leaders are today and clarify their innovation purpose.
  • identify individual and corporate priorities and the challenges impeding progress and results. 
  • engage senior leaders in both setting and delivering the corporate innovation strategy.
  • set a clear direction for the organisation incorporation innovation, collaboration and strategy.

“By morning tea, I felt my 6 hour round trip had paid off. A great mix of tools to help individuals and teams think differently and innovate more effectively.”

BlueScope Steel

“Very productive workshop. We left with a practical To Do List to help us implement an innovation mindset from tomorrow.”


“What a great workshop that allowed us to understand ourselves and the organisation better and gave us a sense of direction for our next steps to start innovating more.”

Geoscience Australia

Learn and explore

Thriving Teams

Experience healthier collaboration for better team performance

Today, there’s an increased awareness that nearly everyone is part of one or more teams. Modern teams are different – more diverse, dispersed, digital, and dynamic.

You need your teams to be highly collaborative, every day, but how well are your teams adopting the behaviours that make this happen?

Innovation Mindset

Discover your license to innovate and unlock your potential for career success.

An innovation mindset helps individuals seek and deliver better outcomes every day as they develop the confidence to work more innovatively. 

In this highly interactive workshop, participants explore the various attributes of mindset, identify their individual strengths and contribution to innovation, and learn how to improve through better habits and tools.

Innovation 101

Today, while most organisations prioritise innovation, many individuals are unaware of the key drivers to innovation so lack the confidence they need to innovate. 

Employees are your company’s greatest asset and those who understand the principles of innovation, tools & methods, even more so. 

Innovation is essential for effective collaboration and thriving teams. It’s an intrinsic skill for every individual and every role.

Equip yourself with the tools and skills to be an innovator, and have your ideas accepted. Be seen as someone who can make change happen, add value and contribute to the future success of your team and organisation.


Innovation Analysis & Development

Analysis, ideas and steps to steps for success

Strategy development is key to helping teams and organisations adapt and plan for the future.

In this program, one on one intensive interviews capture the stories of what’s working well.

Using these stories and qualitative data, we’ll build an analysis of why, where and how innovation is happening. Through a facilitated workshop for leaders, we’ll present the analysis, and work through identifying issues to be solved and strategies for success.

This program includes capturing stories, idea generation, idea theming, and action planning to develop a challenge brief.

Optional: Stories may be assessed against formal DeakinCo. credentials for Hargraves Innovator Awards.

Women @ Work

Lead the change you want to see through this learning program designed by women, for women. 

The evidence is clear. Diversity and inclusion are critical for a healthy society, economy and workplace. However, it can only be achieved by removing invisible barriers, changing outdated work structures and creating a workplace where all can belong.

This highly interactive program has been co-created by women for women to nurture your career and change your workplace.

  • Explore the elements of an innovation mindset to bring about change.
  • Discover your strengths and how to develop them.
  • Learn how to establish and maintain a healthy collaborative culture.
  • Explore workplace barriers such as bias and inflexible work practices and find ways to overcome them.
  • Build a suite of practices to help you reshape your career and contribute to positive change in your workplace.

123 INNOVATE See Think Do

Helping leaders discover innovation as a different, more enjoyable, way of working.

Innovation begins with the individual and their ability to ‘see’, ‘think’ and ‘do’.

123 INNOVATE lifts the innovation performance of team and organisations through understanding the elements behind this process.


– the individual and their ability to “see, “think” and “do”.


– systematic steps towards a successful innovative outcome.


– templates, tools and techniques that will help you complete the 123 INNOVATE process.

Ask us about our local, remote and global delivery options including:

100% Online

Highly interactive online delivery with collaborative tools and virtual whiteboards.


A combination of online and in-person participants and/or modules.


Face-to-face with social distancing.

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