Innovation Coaching

Developing Leaders & Empowering Teams

Is innovation and transformation important (to you and your team)?
Do you want to lead a successful team?
Or be part of a high-performing team?

Traditional executive coaching asks: “How do I become a successful leader?”

Innovation coaching asks:

“Given who I am, who I know and what I know, what kind of innovation leader could I become?
What kind of innovation culture could I create?
How can I help my team thrive?”

Leading teams today is a challenge, and team performance has never been more critical. Using proven practices and tools, innovation coaching helps you, the leader, bridge the gap between where you are now and what you know could be possible. Work more productively, be more strategic, spend more time on ‘big picture stuff’ and less time on ‘business as usual’.

Hargraves innovation coaching develops leaders and empowers team members with practical skills to engage key stakeholders, influence outcomes and improve performance, productivity and growth.

Because when you build innovation into the corporate DNA, it lasts. It just becomes part of what you do – today and tomorrow.

Photo-Allan Ryan Innovation coach

Innovation Coaching & Collaboration

At Hargraves, we’ve been working with leaders and teams for almost two decades. And after thousands of conversations, we know what makes innovation happen.

Our 3-step coaching program helps leaders and teams (of any shape, size or sector) address the challenges of today and tomorrow.

  1. Identify the blockers to team success (problem definition).
  2. Change and transform (through facilitation and tools).
  3. Maintain momentum (coaching and support).

The Hargraves Innovation Coaching Program develops leaders and empowers teams through community, collaboration and innovation.

Challenging the thinking is the reason to join Hargraves because they are both a great sounding board and encyclopaedia of information and contacts to help you find the best solution to a complex problem or situation.

Food Innovation Australia Ltd

What a great workshop that allowed us to understand ourselves and the organisation better and gave us a sense of direction for our next steps to start innovating more.

Geoscience Australia

A crystal ball moment where what we suspected about our team was confirmed. Positives and negatives. We recommend this exercise to any team.

Meat & Livestock Australia

Collective innovation is the key to progress and Hargraves’ provides that platform not only to see what others are doing but also to build a network around.

Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning, Victoria

Looking outside our company is a great way to ignite creativity.


What makes this program different?

Reap the benefits of community and collaboration through practical insights, tools and programs developed hand-in-hand with leaders and organisations including Roche, CSR, Department of Health, AGL, Coca-Cola, Sydney Trains, and more.

Explore proven practices underpinning successful innovation, healthy collaboration habits and thrive teams through a fixed price,  flexible program:

  • Be more strategic and align team goals and behaviours.
  • Spend more time on innovation and less time on ‘business as usual’.
  • Develop practical skills to engage teams and influence outcomes.
  • Access new knowledge and external resources to resolve internal issues.

Program Outline

Innovation Coaching is a flexible program that we can adapt to meet your needs.

After preliminary conversations, we’ll provide a program proposal addressing your team’s unique objectives and desired outcomes, based on our 3-step model – problem definition, facilitation and tools, and coaching and support. The proposal will recommend the type of workshop (content and audience seniority), timing and duration (1 day or equivalent), how we deliver (face-to-face, online or both) and what tools or materials will be used.


  1. Problem Definition:
    A ‘Conversational-Style’ Review (Health Check)
    to analyse specific priority areas and performance, set clear actionable objectives and explore related strategies, tools and methods.

    eg. using the Hargraves Innovation Health Check to understand your strengths, priorities and related performance, and more.

  2. Facilitation and Tools:
    A Custom Learning (Training/Workshop)
    designed and delivered to address identified objectives. 
    eg. a strategy session, problem-solving workshop or team-building workshop.

  3. Innovation Coaching and Support
    Be empowered and maintain momentum through ongoing one-on-one coaching and support from our experts.

    eg. a quick chat when you need a different perspective, or regular planned sessions.

    (Innovation Coaching is ongoing for up to 12 months and includes a brief report and suggested next steps.)


VIP membership of our Hargraves community for everyone in your team.

  • Access to peers and experts via the Hargraves LinkedIn Group.
  • For free and/or exclusive collaborative activities – priority registration (at Hargraves discretion to manage participation from completing organisations).
  • For paid tools, products, workshops and events – 30% discount.
  • For the team leader (main contact) – one complimentary fully transferable ticket for each paid program, workshop, event or activity.

(Complimentary tickets offered to the main contact for up to 12 months.

30% VIP lifetime discount is ongoing and available to anyone in your organisation using your corporate email address and the provided coupon code.)

Innovation Coaching 3-Step fixed price program: $9,750

Price includes GST, tools and materials and travel within greater Sydney.
Book a complimentary innovation coaching call to chat about your current challenge, pick our brains and discover what your Innovation Coaching Program could look like.
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