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Get Hybrid Work Right:
Develop your Digital Leadership Skills

The R2 DataLabs team at Rolls-Royce did some early stage trialling of Andrew Pope’s new tools for team building and collaboration – we would highly recommend them!

Caroline Gorski, Group Director, R2 Data Labs, Rolls Royce
4 Tips for successful digital teamwork

Hybrid working means different arrangements for different teams.

There is no standard to follow - we're all unique, so we need to create new best practices for our team or organisation.

In this online workshop, Andrew Pope, digital culture and collaboration expert, and co-author of Designing Collaboration, will help your team develop the skills you need to get hybrid work right.


Delivered via a fully facilitated online workshop for up to ten participants, this 2.5 hour session is:

  • Designed for teams and leaders who want to lead the change to hybrid work using their existing digital tools.
  • Suitable for one team or for a group of team leaders from a single organisation.

Following the Digital Team builder methodology, we’ll identify barriers and opportunities, then work through the engaging playing cards – based on collaborative techniques, behaviours and strategies –  to find ideas to try in building our own hybrid working practices.

Every workshop is different, specially facilitated to suit the needs, tools and challenges of the participants.

Andrew has used this approach successfully with numerous large private organisations as well as UK Government agencies.

Cost: A$4,000 includes pre-workshop meeting, one 2.5 hour coaching workshop and delivery of an action plan with skills which can be adopted immediately.

Participants will also receive a full Digital Team Builder tool kit to continue their leadership journey.

Contact today to chat about getting hybrid work right for your team or organisation.


Meet Your Facilitator

Andrew Pope

Andrew Pope

Digital Collaboration Expert
UK based global expert, Andrew Pope, is owner/partner of consultancy Designing Collaboration and advises large and medium-sized organisations on digital strategy and leadership, virtual team & community building, and leveraging collaboration tools for business impact.
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Digital Team Builder

Digital Team Builder is a simple, card-based methodology to deliver an action plan for great digital team working, from the moment you download the pack.
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