Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging

Breaking down structural and systemic barriers to create a workplace where everyone can belong

In today’s competitive business landscape, fostering growth and productivity – and nurturing and retaining talent – is critical. Therefore, it’s more essential than ever to create a diverse, inclusive environment where every voice is heard. By fostering a thriving culture where individuals and employee experience are valued, organisations can drive innovation and long-term success.

It's not about fixing you. It’s about fixing the system for everybody."

The evidence is clear. Removing systemic and structural barriers, shifting mindsets, and creating a culture where every voice is heard, is key to a thriving, successful workplace.

In recent years, we’ve seen a significant workplace shift, offering a unique opportunity to rebuild systems and practices to create a diverse, inclusive culture. This inclusive approach taps into a broader range of perspectives, ideas, and talents for a more engaged and productive workforce. Through nurturing our sense of belonging and trust, every individual feels valued, safe, and respected. In turn, this unlocks innovation, improves decision-making, and boosts performance and growth.

case study
When leaders made a serious commitment to diversity and inclusion, what happened next?

Diversity and Inclusion: Where do you start?


The First Step (A DIY Approach)

The first step is to identify the barriers and unveil insights. The Structural Barriers to Diversity and Inclusion Question Canvas (below) includes open questions under highly relevant headings: recruitment, meetings, feedback, work/life balance, opportunities, policies and practices.

Harness the power of the Canvas to:

  • Safely identify visible and invisible barriers to inclusion.
  • Empower every voice to be heard and valued.
  • Enhance team performance by promoting diverse perspectives.
  • Work together to agree on priorities for change.

Need some help? (A facilitated approach)

Developed by women, for women, our Women@Work Program focuses on understanding barriers, biases, and behaviours and then empowering women with the tools and skills to lead change for themselves and others. 

Or ask us about our Inclusive Leadership Program, leading change through understanding the relationship between collaboration and inclusion and equipping leaders and future leaders with the skills and tools to create a diverse, inclusive workplace.

Women at work leading change through diversity and inclusion

Introducing the Structural Barriers to Diversity and Inclusion Canvas

Based on our Question Tools Approach, this innovative tool uses open questions to encourage reflection and collaboration. 

The Question Canvas Process

Aligned with our collaboration research, the Diversity Canvas includes 24 open questions under 6 headings. 

  1. First, read every question on your own. (This is important as it requires you to consider issues that may otherwise be invisible.)
  2. Tick those you think are important for diversity, inclusion and belonging.
  3. Next, circle those you think are most important to your team/organisation right now.
  4. In groups of 2 or 3, discuss why you circled your particular questions. Share a story or example.
  5. Finally, as a group, agree on the most important questions and think about actions you can take. 

(Based on Hargraves Co-Co-Co Facilitating for all Voices technique.)

Diversity & Inclusion Canvas

87% of the top 500 companies led by a female decision-maker delivered above-average profits....Women introduce new perspectives to problem-solving by bringing a different lived experience to the table. In addition, there is a growing body of evidence that points to gender equality accelerating workplace innovation.

Introducing Women @ Work

What makes the Women@Work Program different?​

This highly interactive, evidence-based program has been co-created by women for women. Through understanding the research, collaborating with peers, reflecting on experiences, and using relevant tools, participants learn how to lead change in their careers and workplace. Importantly, these learnings and tools are applied in the workplace through practice and project work.

  • Explore the elements of an innovation mindset and why it is essential.
  • Understand the key elements of healthy collaboration and learn how to collaborate to lead change.
  • Learn how diversity impacts your team and practice strategies to improve the workplace for everyone.
  • Focus on leading change and bringing others on the journey with you.

Learn how to create opportunities and pathways for yourself and others. 

Participants leave with:

  • A method for building innovation and change.
  • Practical tools for creating inclusive and diverse teams.
  • Strategies for overcoming barriers to career progression.
  • A career plan which builds on your strengths, values and interests.
  • A network of inspired and supportive women from across your organisation.
Tess Julian presesnting
Meet your facilitator, Tess Julian
4 Modules

Online or in-person, with a follow-up session to embed learnings.

Practical Application

Support to develop and pitch a work-based change project.

Designed for:

Women who want to progress their careers and build confidence and visibility at work.

Organisations striving to cultivate a diverse, inclusive culture where every voice is heard.

Diversity and inclusion programs: Women at work
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What do participants say about the Women@Work Program?

The program structure (2 sessions per week over a month with activities) worked for me. Very much so. With the duration being over four weeks you had enough time to go over the content after each session and think about it in context with your role and what changes you could apply to make a difference.

Program Participant

I did find the Women@Work workshop interesting and helpful. It helped me realise the difference between men and women in terms of behaviour at work and provided the tools and techniques for me to develop and improve myself and the people around me in an inclusive workplace.

Product Manager

I liked the way it made you think about how you can support other women around you and be heard so that you can positively contribute to development and innovation within the organisation.

It made me realise that we are all innovating whether we know it or not, and that diversity contributes to that innovation process in a positive and impactful way.

Corporate Counsel

Tess was a fantastic trainer, very energetic and insightful. I really enjoyed the session.


A valuable experience where I have learnt ways to improve my confidence and visibility. I have gained insights and new perspective in my thinking from doing the course and hearing the views from the other participants.  I’m able to bring back what I learnt to my team members and help amplify the women in my workplace.

I can run my ideas through the questions provided in the course to change the way I think, and for problem-solving, able to rephrase the problem and able to think outside the box for a solution.

Senior Engineer - Software

Tess provided a very thought-provoking course, which allowed attendees to talk freely about ways forward.

Senior Performance Analyst

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