Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging

Lead the change you want to see

“Companies are most successful when they embrace diversity in gender, race, perspective and personalities. Businesses that go from an all-male or all-female leadership team to an even mix of gender could see an increase in revenue of around 41%, according to a study co-authored by an MIT researcher.
Another study showed that after studying 1,700 companies, those who had a diverse team had 19% higher revenue than those who didn’t. Having a healthy mix of leaders has been proven to lead to more creative ideas, more efficient problem-solving and better financial achievements.”​ – Forbes
The evidence is clear. Diversity and inclusion are critical for a healthy society, economy and workplace. 
But we can only succeed by removing invisible barriers, changing outdated mindsets and creating a workplace where everyone can belong.​
We are in a moment where real change is possible. Circumstances have transformed the way many of us work and live, and in the process, has broken down many existing structures. We now have the chance to rebuild systems and practices to create workplaces where everyone can thrive.

Introducing Women @ Work

"This program is not about fixing you; it’s about fixing the system for everybody."

- Tess Julian, Program Founder

What makes this program different?

This highly interactive, evidence-based program has been co-created by women for women. Participants explore the latest research, their own experiences and the stories of others to understand how to lead change in their career and workplace.

  • Explore the elements of an innovation mindset, and why is it essential in the contemporary workplace.
  • Share what healthy collaboration looks like, and how to collaborate to lead change.
  • Understand how diversity impacts the workplace and what strategies leaders can adopt to make things better.
  • Determine how to lead change and bring others along with you.


Learn how to create opportunities and pathways for yourself and others.

Specifically, participants will leave with:

  • A method for building innovation and change.
  • Practical tools for creating inclusive and diverse teams.
  • Strategies for overcoming barriers to career progression.
  • A career plan which builds on your strengths, values and interests.
  • A network of inspired and supportive women.

Women @ Work

An interactive program to lead change and build diversity
To download the Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging Deep-Dive Question Canvas, please provide your details below:
Women at work

Fantastic way to engage with other like-minded women and empower each other. Content and material was engaging and thought provoking. Best course I’ve ever done.

Sydney Airport Corporation Limited

My personal take: “Leaders don’t do different things, they do things differently.”

NSW Fire & Rescue

I have attended lots of courses that have taught me things that helped me DO better. This program has inspired me…it will help me BE better. Eye–opening and inspirational. Thank you.

Sydney Airport Corporation Limited

A great opportunity to reflect on my own strengths and consider where my next steps in my career progression.


I really enjoyed this highly interactive and engaging course; it has not only taught me skills to apply personally in the workplace, but ideas to implement professionally in my role.

Ernst & Young

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