Collaborative Circles

Bringing people together to connect and solve problems.

Our facilitation techniques ensure a broad conversation that leaves no issue or idea left unsaid. 

Over the last 20 years, we’ve researched and drawn insights from thousands of diverse and dispersed organisations and thought leaders to develop our Collaborative Circle approach for peer learning and problem-solving. 

With clear evidence that success for both companies and employees comes from asking different questions, before looking for new ideas, our Collaborative Circles offer a facilitated, highly interactive and insightful format to engage all participants in discussing their most relevant current issues. 

Enjoy a very different experience of exploring both successful and not so successful outcomes from like-minded peers and leaders. 

  • Hear what others are doing, locally and globally.
  • Share experiences and solutions from others in the circle.
  • Takeaway ideas to address your situation.
  • Build new relationships and connections.


  • Online or face-to-face
  • Fully facilitated​
  • Customised for leaders of teams and organisations
  • Registration at Hargraves' discretion*

* As per our Charter, we maintain discretion to manage participation from competing organisations.

Collaborative Circles are


Everyone contributes simultaneously. Outputs are available immediately.


You will connect with your peers from across our community.

Outcome focused

Workshops are transparent, lead to action and focus on real outcomes.


Improve learning and encourage a sense of shared purpose.


Perspectives and mindsets. Everyone is heard.


Uses existing tools and platforms to reduce both time and cost.
  • A truly valuable opportunity to connect with and learn from others facing the same challenges, regardless of industry and organisation size and dynamic.


    Collaborative Circle - People Centricity
  • A Collaborative Circle provides an incredible depth of insights, contacts and ideas that can be taken away and used immediately, all for a small investment of a few hours. Very rich and meaningful.


    Collaborative Circle - Leaders Session
  • Great networking & learning opportunity. I made valuable and meaningful connections that I look forward to following up.


    Collaborative Circle - People Centricity
  • The diversity of participants made for a great learning and networking environment.


    Collaborative Circle - Excellence & Innovation

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