Resilience for Thriving Teams​​

Nurturing resilient individuals and teams

How-to-Guides and Canvases

After years of disruption, fatigued, burnt-out, and stressed workers face a new and different workplace. 

In times of uncertainty, leaders need to show compassion, not empathy. And focus on individual and team resilience and support a return to something resembling normal operations and expectations. To rebuild relationships, trust and psychological safety, and develop new habits to create human connections.

The first step is to reconnect with your team to have a conversation and understand what each individual needs to thrive.

Your Resilience Toolkit (zip file) includes:

Including the Resilience Question Canvas and a step-by-step DIY Team Workshop to agree on actions teams can take to build resilience.

Based on our powerful Question Canvas Methodology, the Canvas includes 48 trigger questions designed to help individuals and teams articulate their challenges and prompt conversations.

In digital format for uploading to digital whiteboards and channels, and PDF format for printing.

How do you recharge your team during times of uncertainty?​

Build team resilience with this short workshop using 16 curated cards from the set.

Why is this resource free?

Hargraves Institute was established in 2006 by 12 leading organisations who shared a vision to help Australia become more innovative through collaboration and ‘collective wisdom’.

Today, we uphold their vision by turning our research, expertise and collaboration into DIY tools that benefit everyone.

Resilience @ Work Toolkit

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