Remote Working Playbook

Remote Working Playbook

Tools for successful remote working are economical and empowering. Better still, they're right there on the computer in front of you.

Digital collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams, Workplace from Facebook, Igloo or Slack, and digital whiteboards like Office 365 Whiteboard,,

But no matter which digital tools you use, or how good they are, what about how we work? How we thrive as virtual teams when everything previously revolved so much around working in an office environment. How do we interact as humans?​

The challenge is to bring the best habits of analogue, face-to-face collaboration into the realm of digital collaboration and use the digital tools to re-create the same energy and dynamic of face-to-face in the online “space”.

Based on years of experience working with remote team leaders and team members in a range of organisations, The Remote Working Playbook includes simple but highly effective working habits and actions.

With tips and advice, goals and progress for both leaders and teams working remotely.

What is Active Collaboration?

“Active collaboration typically starts with a question or statement which opens the door to a conversation. And, by extension, to new and fresh thinking. It’s very different from asking a question just to plug a knowledge gap. It:

  • Encourages rich conversations by starting with more open questions, unencumbered by assumptions about what is and isn't 'right' practice.
  • Produces longer-lasting, deeper connections than simple round-trip knowledge transactions.
  • Encourages creativity, the open tendering of ideas and left-field solutions.
  • Opens your organisation up to smarter work practices by doing what every senior manager wants from their collaboration platform.
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