Introducing Firebox

Facilitated Interactive Remote Exchange using digital (out of the box)​.

Firebox is a toolset, method and mindset. Based on design thinking and agile principles, Firebox facilitates the emergence of new knowledge, new connections and relationships across boundaries of diversity and inclusion.

How do you deliver thriving teams and energising team building activities in the new world of remote work?​

If your new workplace is home, Microsoft Teams, Zoom or Workplace From Facebook, you may have found there’s something missing for successful remote leadership, collaboration and innovation.

What's missing are the new skills and tools required to design and deliver productive team building workshops and meeting agendas.

In the face to face world, team building typically requires 3 things: an agenda, a facilitator and a whiteboard. The team does all the work. In the remote world, it’s no different but facilitating remote meetings, and workshops demand different skills, planning, and tools to maximise team experience and collaboration performance. Yet the transfer to remote teamwork is a challenge for many.

That was the most useful meeting I have been in since lockdown – 8 weeks and a lot of meetings. 
Allan’s instructions were crystal clear. He explained great ways of how to facilitate that will help me a lot in navigating the new normal. Really glad I was in the session. Felt like it was my lucky day!

– C Grenfell, Community Manager, Step Two

Firebox is a new approach for facilitating successful remote workshops and meetings.
It’s the techniques we’ve developed over 20 years of research and collaboration, transitioned seamlessly into online facilitation.

– Allan Ryan, Executive Director, Hargraves Institute

Team building is obvious and routine for face to face workers but rare for remote workers. But energising remote teams is more than PDF’s, videos and webinars. You need interactive solutions which focus on the team, and the individual, wherever they are. Interactive team-building activities which engage your team, expand their thinking and build new knowledge and relationships.

Leading a remote team requires different skills and tools. Leading a dynamic and productive remote team requires interactive solutions which focus on the team, and the individual, wherever they are.

Now, leaders and facilitators need new tools to design and deliver team building activities that ‘facilitate interactive remote exchange’. Importantly, anyone who can facilitate face to face can use Firebox to deliver great online workshops and meetings.

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Where do you start?

Seeing is believing so try it for yourself. Register for a free remote workshop to experience Firebox, or learn how to facilitate with Firebox, including design and agile tools, video and interactive whiteboards.

Better remote workshops using Firebox

Introductory Session

In this 90-minute session, you will learn – through participating – how to design and facilitate a successful online workshop using Firebox.

How To Session

In this 90-minute session, you will explore the Firebox methodology and learn how to become an expert online facilitator.

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