People first, technology second

Our current situation is unique. It requires new ways of work and new ways of working with what we have.

Remote working, or working from home, has long been a choice for many. Often through a flexible working arrangement, virtual office or for the self-employed.

But now, many people are in a situation where remote working has become the new normal. For some, it’s temporary; for others, it’s long term, or seemingly endless.

While digital technology has opened up a new world of remote work, it’s up to us to adapt our tools and technology to maintain productivity and deliver real outcomes. It’s not enough to watch a webinar or video or participate in an online meeting. Remote working requires us to find new ways of working – and new ways of working with what we have. To engage as teams, expand our thinking, and build new knowledge and relationships.

In the present situation, we’re using team and individual meetings to connect, manage, and get updates, relying on presentations with some question and answer or discussion. That’s great for keeping up to date but doesn’t actively foster new or deep thinking, address issues, or encourage brainstorming and new ideas. What’s missing is the opportunity to problem-solve, manage issues, plan, collaborate and innovate collectively. 

As remote workers devour content about new ways of working and working together better, the challenge is better remote teamwork. 

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