Remote Work vs. Remote Teamwork. Another conundrum!

There’s lots of help and support for individuals who suddenly find themselves working from home. But what about the team and team dynamics? How do you keep individuals working as thriving high performing teams when working remotely?

How does HR provide team-building opportunities and resources for team leaders working remotely? How do HR and team leaders ensure regular team building activities occur?

In the face-to-face world, we have many ways to build teams through workshops, offsites and dedicated activities. The Hargraves team has been facilitating these types of activities for over 15 years. But team building is very different when you’re working alone, particularly as not all remote work and remote teams are the same.

When all of your employees are situated in the same place, working together is quite easy. If you want to build viable relationships and an atmosphere of trust and support, team-building activities are essential.

To make your remote team-building session successful, our experience is that you can follow a couple of tried-and-true rules.


Always try to engage your team in a way that recreates the informal conversations that appear naturally in a non-remote workplace. An icebreaker can be extremely useful in this situation. Icebreakers are exercises or games designed to casually introduce members of a team and/or warm up the group for the task they are about to embark on.


Seeing is believing. When you are meeting virtually, it’s especially important to have visual artefacts to avoid over-explaining and having to spend your colleagues’ valuable time on messengers or chats. Looking at talking heads gets boring very quickly.

Hargraves Institute has developed a series of team-building resources for remote teams that can be delivered by the team leader, agile coach, scrum master and internal support professional.

We call it Firebox – Facilitated Interactive Remote Exchange focused, out of the box.

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