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Remote Teams & Teamworking Playbook

Tools for successful remote team working, and managing remote teams, are economical and empowering. Better still, they’re right there on the computer in front of you.

Digital collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams, Workplace from Facebook, Igloo or Slack, and digital whiteboards like Microsoft 365 Whiteboard, mural.co, miro.com.

But no matter which digital tools you use, or how good they are, what about how we work? How we manage a remote team, or how we thrive in a remote team when everything previously revolved so much around the office environment. 

How do we bring the best habits of analogue collaboration into the realm of digital collaboration, re-creating the energy and dynamic of face-to-face, but online.

In this playbook, digital collaboration experts, Andrew Pope and Alister Webb from Innosis, share their extensive experience working with remote teams across a range of organisations.

Download now for tips and advice, goals and progress for leaders and teams.

Remote Teams Playbook

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