Reflect and Re-energise

To cultivate wellness and resilience

Flow - Wellness TeamPlay

For most people leaders, wellness is a priority, especially when today’s complex and uncertain world adds an extra dimension to the stress and pressure of work.

So, it’s a perfect opportunity to reflect and rethink: How do we work alone and together, as leaders and teammates, in the office and elsewhere?

Our Wellness TeamPlay uses Flow Conversation Cue Cards to help you explore what matters most, right now. See which cards others choose to spark meaningful conversations, together or online. Then use the cards to have conversations with your people and teams to untangle the issues impacting wellness.

This TeamPlay is divided into two parts for two different team sessions, complete with instructions and hints for building on outcomes.

  1. Behaviours: How we work together in our team.
  2. Relationships: How we work with others as teams of teams.

FLOW Conversation Cue Cards

Sometimes, conversations at work just don’t flow. Based on our Better Questions Approach, FLOW Conversation Cue Cards stimulate meaningful discussion between leaders and individuals, team leaders and team members, colleagues, coaches and coachees, and more.

Learn more about these engaging cards and tools featuring open questions that encourage people to raise issues (safely), inspiring open thinking and trusted conversations. 

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