Resilience @ Work

Hargraves Institute was established in 2006 with a clear objective to help teams and organisations thrive through better collaboration and innovation.

That’s why we’ve collaborated with experts, combining their knowledge with our expertise to develop this free Resilience Toolkit.​

After months of disruption, workers who are fatigued and fragile, burnt out and stressed face a different workplace. Perhaps an office where seeing colleagues is either a relief or daunting. Maybe a transformation to hybrid working signals endless possibilities or just isolation.
In times of uncertainty, leaders need to show compassion, not empathy. To focus on individual and team resilience and support a return to something resembling normal operations and expectations. To re-build relationships, trust and psychological safety, and develop new habits to create human connections.

The first step is to reconnect with your team to have a conversation and understand what each individual needs to thrive.

Download your free Resilience @ Work Toolkit
& Resilience Cards (digital version) including:

Resilience at Work - Kit optimised

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Resilience @ Work Toolkit

How do you recharge your team during times of uncertainty?

The Recharge TeamPlay includes 16 questions extracted from the Resilience @ Work toolkit, handpicked to help individuals articulate their challenges and boost resilience, together with a process to help leaders and teams agree what matters most.
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