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Developed by the experts at Designing Collaboration, Digital Team Builder is a simple, card-based methodology to deliver great digital habits, from the moment you download the pack.

Designed and tailored for:
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Quickstart has you up and running in minutes

Digital Team Builder provides new ideas to work with, straight away.

Scroll through the cards and discover instant actions you can take to start lifting your team’s or organisation’s digital teamworking capability. 

What’s in the Digital Team Builder pack?

(The essentials)

Digital Team Builder versions

Free Intro Pack

Perfect for anyone wanting to have a play or individuals looking for digital collaboration tools and ideas

Team Edition

Ideal for team and workgroup leaders responsible for hands-on management of remote or blended teams.

Universal Edition and M365 Edition.

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Push your digital teamworking to the max!

Bonus extras

DTB Collaboration diagnostic
Collaboration Diagnostic
DTB - Continuous Improvement Loop
‘Continuous Improvement Cycle’ wall chart
DTB - Playbooks x 5 with NO caption
Designing Collaboration Playbooks
Collaboration Touchpoint Profiler
Collaboration Touchpoint Profiler
4 Tips for successful digital teamwork

Get Hybrid Work Right: Develop your Digital Leadership Skills

Hybrid working means different arrangements for different teams. There is no standard to follow – we’re all unique, so we need to create new best practices for our team or organisation.

In this online workshop, Andrew Pope, digital culture and collaboration expert, and co-author of Designing Collaboration will help your team develop the skills you need to get hybrid work right.

Give it a try!

Download your free Digital Team Builder Intro pack and have a play!

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