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Be up and running in minutes with Quickstart

Watch this short video (1’40”) to learn how, straight out of the box, the Digital Team Builder Strategy and Tactics cards will give you new ideas to work with.

As you scroll through the decks, you’ll quickly spot cards that will prompt instant actions –  actions you can take to start lifting your team’s or organisation’s digital teamworking capability right away.

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You can export your Strategies and Tactics cards into a project management tool like Microsoft Planner or Trello to create your own Wall of Work.

This provides a more formal action plan, where due dates and names can be attached.

Digital Team Builder online interactive workshops

Once you’ve mastered the basics, explore the online interactive team workshop and discover how easy it is to use Digital Team Builder with Klaxoon, Mural and other online whiteboards to lift your digital teamworking to new heights.

This short video (3’15”) walks you through 5 simple steps that will transform how your teams use their digital toolset.

Build the kind of collaborative behaviours every team and enterprise relies on for ongoing success in today’s business environment.

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Push your digital teamworking to the max!

PLEASE NOTE: As mentioned in the video, interactive workshops require access to an online whiteboard app. Products like Klaxoon, Mural and Miro may require you to set up an account before our templates can be copied or uploaded.

Contact us if you need guidance in setting up the workshop template.

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For more information on our do-it-yourself tools, techniques and facilitated workshops for hybrid teams.

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