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Running a hybrid team isn’t easy. Why?

Constant on-screen distractions Inefficient online meetings More silos, not less! Leaders lagging in digital skills Teams still aren't innovating Lack of an effective hybrid working model

Discover the 6 TeamPlays pack and start solving team challenges today.

Over the last few years, using our Digital Team Builder methodology, we’ve helped lots of clients address common problems in remote, office and hybrid working environments.

We’ve rolled up all that experience and created a set of carefully curated, action-oriented Strategy and Everyday Practice cards, now available in a single 50-card deck we call the 6 TeamPlays deck*.

Use the cards in the pack to nip these problems in the bud now:

  1. Time To Focus: We are having trouble dealing with constant interruptions and the ‘always on’ syndrome.
  2. Time For Fewer Meetings: You and your team want better meetings that are efficient and effective.
  3. Time To Break Out: You want to bust silos and increase connections in a hybrid or digital workplace.
  4. Time To Learn New Digital Skills: You want better skills to be a leader in the digital and hybrid workplace.
  5. Time To Go To The Next Level: You want to have a team that is empowered to solve problems and comes up with new ideas.
  6. Time To Love Your Work: You want to build a hybrid working model that gives flexibility around where AND when you work.

* Current edition designed for Microsoft 365. 

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Why use 6 TeamPlays?

According to our worldwide clients, including a key UK government department:

  • Strategic, practical actions that target six of today’s most common digital teamworking problems.
  • No set-up and minimal preparation. Can be run in a discussion thread.
  • Strategies, skills and teamworking practices you can apply immediately.
  • Effective, low-cost solution to complex problems.
Ready to start solving challenges?

Watch a TeamPlay in action

Give it a try!

Download the free TeamPlay 6: Time To Love Your Work to explore ways to build a hybrid working model that gives flexibility around where AND when you work.

(2.02 mins)

How to run a TeamPlay

Prep Time

10 mins

Run Time

45 mins


6 - 8

In a room. Allocate 45 minutes, get everyone in the room, deal out the cards.

Remote. If participants are remote, send everyone a deck of cards and use an online video session.

Create a Discussion Thread in Microsoft Teams or Yammer. Participants can drag digital versions of the cards into the thread along with their comments.

4 simple steps


The team leader or delegated activity leader chooses the TeamPlay that will have the greatest positive impact on the team's productivity and business effectiveness.


Make sure participants have all the related cards for that TeamPlay in front of them and individually review before the session.


As a team, group, or in your role as leader, select the specific cards you want to try.


Prioritise the selected cards. Or simply put them into action straight away as a new work practice.

And that’s all there is to it!

Who participates in a TeamPlay?

Research into Microsoft’s WFH policy during lockdown indicates that WFH business groups became more siloed. As a result, collaboration occurred within teams, not across teams; strong bonds got stronger, weak bonds diminished, and new bonds didn’t form. [See Whitepaper: There’s More To Work Than Working.]

Use TeamPlays to build effective collaboration across teams, not just within your own team. 

Tips for successful TeamPlays

First and foremost - don't overcomplicate it!

Pick a TeamPlay. Select the cards that best address it. Prioritise them and put them into practice.

And some other tips:

  • Repeat the process for as many TeamPlays as you need. Or re-run the same TeamPlay a month later, discarding the cards previously chosen.
  • To focus the activity, use the Team Board to help determine priorities for the actions on the cards. You can download PDF versions of the Team Board for printing, or image files for online use.
  • Strategy cards have references back to the Designing Collaboration handbook to expand on the information on the cards. Include the references in the team discussion. [Learn how this works.]
  • We recommend 1 card pack per team member, whether the team is co-located or working from different locations. In our experience, placing physical cards in a participant’s hands significantly boosts engagement.
  • We’ve saved the best till last. Create your own TeamPlay. Identify what’s holding you back, then choose cards from the pack that will address it. Put the actions into practice immediately.

Already purchased? Now download these TeamPlay resources

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6 TeamPlays
Card Lists
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6 TeamPlays
Team Boards
Designing Collaboration
handbook (ebook)

What’s in the pack?

Each 6 TeamPlays pack includes one (1) physical deck of 6 TeamPlays cards, plus downloadable resources including:

  • The 6 TeamPlays Card List, so you’ll know which cards to select to kickstart each TeamPlay.
  • 6 TeamPlays Team Boards.
  • A soft copy of the Designing Collaboration handbook. (Hard copies sold separately.)

It’s everything you need to run a practical, hands-on TeamPlay session, face-to-face or remote. 

1 Deck: $37; 2 to 11 Decks: $29 each; 12 or more decks: $25 each.
Prices include GST and free standard shipping within Australia. 

Try it for free!

Download your free TeamPlay 6: Time To Love Your Work to explore ways to build a hybrid working model that gives flexibility around where AND when you work.

6 TeamPlays and Digital Team Builder were developed in a collaboration between Designing Collaboration and Hargraves Institute.

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